August 15, 2022

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La razón por la que Elizabeth Álvarez y Jorge Salinas no le compran juguetes a sus hijos

The reason why Elizabeth Alvarez and Jorge Salinas do not buy toys for their children

actors Elizabeth Alvarez and Jorge Salinas Formed one of the most powerful marriages in the world and through social networks They usually post several moments as a family, with their twins Leon and Maxima.

In an interview with a program Montes and JoeAnd Elizabeth said that she tries to give her young children a rigorous education, Well, both she and George are always on the lookout for them.

“How am I like my mother? I really don’t know until my kids tell me Who decides whether or not I am a good mother to your children and according to time, but I am a very dedicated mother, 24/7 with my children ”, said the artist.

The actress considers it her daughter is like her, While his son has many similarities with Jorge.

“Maxima is just like me in nature, Moods and attitudes, she’s very similar to me and she’s super feminine. Leon is like Jorge, he has that sensitivity, he is handsome by nature, he knows he is charming”, Elizabeth said

Why not buy toys for your children?

The most noticeable thing is that the actress revealed it She and Jorge do not buy toys for their children, Because they earn their own money, and help them with chores or other activities.

“Yesterday I was washing the dishes and paying them, they would wash your car and the dishes and pick up their rooms and collect their money and earn things. Because my mom doesn’t buy toys. Mom and Dad do not buy toys, they know that Santa Claus brings them a toy and on their birthday, but they go to the toy store, nothing ” Alvarez said.

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