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The remains of “Princess Millie” are buried in the Parque del Remembrance

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Princess Millie’s remains were transferred to the Parque del Recuerdo Cemetery. The singer passed away on May 22. Peruvian TV

This Thursday, May 25th, leftovers Milagros Sotoknown as “Princess Millie‘, from the Ministry of Culture to Memory garden, in Puente Piedra, to be buried. The Peruvian cumbia singer passed away on Monday, May 22, after suffering from a serious illness that affected her health.

“We have been here since his arrival. We communicated to offer our condolences. The Ministry of Culture is always open to receive the family of artists. It is a great legacy that he left us.”Princess Millie“. Their children are also committed to art, so we still have a lot to do. Saying goodbye to him leaves us a huge void. ” Leslie OrtegadaMinister of Culture.

body Milagros Soto He arrived at the cemetery, around noon, to be buried. The funeral was attended by the children, grandchildren, brothers and husband of the national singer. Also present were his Noemi Suarez impersonator, as well as members of the church to which he belonged.

Milagros Soto was kicked out by close friends and family. (Facebook/Milagros Soto Rivas)

Sarai MendevilleDaughter of the Remembered Voice red paintHe dedicated an emotional letter to his deceased mother.

“She gave so much love in life and we won’t have her here with us anymore. We never talk about her death, some do, but she never mentions it. Now I think it was because she knew she wasn’t going to die, and that it’s just symbolic. As I told her in her final moments, I love you and will love you forever. You take a piece of my heart that can’t be healed by anything. Nothing fills this void. “I hope to see you soon,” he said, shedding tears.

The daughter of “Princess Mielle” was present during the funeral.

Juan MendevilleHusband Milagros Soto The father of his children thanked all those present for accompanying his family in this difficult moment. In addition, he paid tribute to his deceased partner for being a woman, an artist, a mother, and a great grandmother.

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“Mili is an outstanding person, she always gave everything. He never lacked anything, until now. He was from the town and the rich ate there too. She knew humility was the most important thing. Mielle, your fruits still bear fruit and will bear fruit because you are an example of life.” Thank you to this family, thank you to my children and grandchildren. You are an ancestor and a mother. Thank you for everything. I will always love you. “

Little Princess Millie’s husband gave a touching speech during her funeral. Facebook.
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