July 14, 2024

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What is the subject of “Señora Influencer”, the film for which Mónica Huarte was nominated for the Ariel Awards

What is the subject of “Señora Influencer”, the film for which Mónica Huarte was nominated for the Ariel Awards

Monica Huarte could take home the Best Actress award at the upcoming Ariel Awards.

With the recent revelation of the list of nominees for the award ariel awards 2024, One of the most famous names is that of the Mexican actress Monica Huartewho is competing for the award Best Actress.

In the same category there are also names Adriana Barraza (last cart) , Adriana Laprise (All silence), Cassandra Ciangirotti And Elsie Salas (family); Oddly enough, one of the details that attracted the most attention is that none of the actresses belong to the films that received the largest number of nominations.

After it was announced that her name appeared among the candidates, she also became the heroine of the novel My dear friend’s wedding He shared the good news on his Instagram account. “They nominated me for the Ariel Award. I’m so happy, it was a dream. I received it in New York and it’s beautiful,” she said, crying.

The actress is nominated for Ariel Awards 2024. Credit: IG: @monicahuarte

It should be noted that throughout his career he was also part of important films such as: dad and daughter trip, Tired of kissing frogs, I’m looking for a friend for my wife And It’s not you it’s me, For example but not limited to. Her work in film, theater and television has made her one of the most prominent figures in the country’s arts scene.

Starring Monica Huarte, the film blends comedy, horror, and psychological drama to reflect a current topic of technology. The film is directed by Carlos Santos and also features performances macarena garcia, Barbara Lombardo, Diana Carrero, Memo Dorantes, Mao Nieto and Leonardo Daniel.

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The story mainly revolves around a story The phrase Fatima, A 40-year-old woman becomes the most famous influencer of the moment overnight, so she has to face many challenges regarding… friendship And the Dislikes.

Throughout the plot, he has to deal with the ladies Sofia And Camiwho want the fame and numbers you have, so they will do everything in their power to achieve this, including deceiving the protagonist with a supposed friendship.

But that won’t be all, as events will begin to become increasingly darker and more complex, to the point that they will test the protagonist’s ability to control her emotions. In this way, what seems to start out as a comedy ends up being a comedy A film that explores the darkest parts of the human psyche.

Influential Lady – Prime Video

So far, the most surprising thing about the film is that during its release in theaters it did not meet with the success that was expected, but once it arrived on the streaming platform… flow amazon, It was positioned as one of the favorites, even becoming one of the most viewed content in the first weeks of its release.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that the actress’s participation was an essential part of her success, as her performance was well received by the audience, who even stated that it reminded them of the character that the actress and model had developed. Mia goth On the tape Pearl.

While in the artistic field there are different personalities such as Cecilia Suarez And Salma Hayek They have already sent their best wishes to the actress, as her nomination represents the importance of the film industry in Mexico.

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It will be next September 7 When the award winners are announced Ariel Awardswhich is awarded annually by Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Amak).

Created in 1946, its aim is to celebrate the best of national cinema in different categories such as Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Screenplay.