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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, How to Unlock and Where to Find Sealed Spiritual Springs – Elden Ring

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, How to Unlock and Where to Find Sealed Spiritual Springs – Elden Ring

One of the new features of this DLC requires you to be committed in order to take full advantage of Torrentera

The Elden Ring expansion has arrived, and it’s packed with new features. The long-awaited Shadow of the Erdtree has arrived packed with content, and not only are it all about enemies, bosses, weapons and items, but there are also new mechanical features. One of the first What you will encounter, and which may go unnoticed, is that Sealed spiritual springs. But what is it and how does it work?

How do sealed spiritual springs work?

In this new Elden Ring adventureTorrentera is still one of the staples For exploration, only this time the map is much more vertical than in the base game. Fortunately, the spiritual springs, those air currents that allowed you to jump so high with your horse, still exist, But it is now sealed.

When you encounter any of these currents, you will see that the springs do not work. If you are committedYou will also notice the presence of some semi-transparent stones accumulated in the center of the circle that forms the spiritual spring. this meaningfulAnd you’ll have to break it in to get it working again this spring.

In the vicinity of the place where you find these springs, you will find a pile of stones identical to the ones you saw in the spiritual spring. Attacking him will knock him down, making the spring work properly again. From there, you can use it to climb to new heights and prevent falls.

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Where are the sealed spiritual springs?

Throughout the DLC, you’ll find several of these springs, although the logical thing is that the first one you find is the one you find after completing the second “dungeon” of the game. south Place of Blessing “Morth Ruins”, you can find the first example of this. If you move from the Sealed Soul Spring to the left and go around the wall in front of you, you will find a pile of rocks that you must destroy to repair it.

Now, this is not the only spring you will find in Shadow of the Erdtree, we will be updating little by little to reveal to you, thanks to our maps, each location of these new additions.

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