July 14, 2024

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Peruvians will not remain undocumented in the United States: Joe Biden’s government launches a residency program

Peruvians will not remain undocumented in the United States: Joe Biden’s government launches a residency program

Parole in place is a program of President Joe Biden. (Image: Genesis)

This week opened the door of hope to millions Unregistered aliens Those who live in United State. known as Parole in place (PIP)This program introduced by President Joe Biden’s government seeks to legalize people who have irregularly immigrated to the country and are seeking residency. Will this project also benefit Peruvian immigrants? Which consists?

It is worth noting that Parole in place or current parole It is a permit that undocumented immigrants must apply for and its granting is discretionary. To be part of this program, immigrants must submit an application, which will be evaluated by US authorities according to established criteria.

“Once the application is approved and parole is granted, migrants will only be able to process the work permit and, in parallel, they will be able to apply for residency within a period of three years,” says Antoinette Carrillo-Durand, an expert in the field of immigration. A lawyer specializing in immigration laws United StateIn an interview with Andina Agency.

Migrants who crossed the Rio Grande (or Grande) River from Mexico to the United States. (AP Photo/Eric Jay, File)

This announcement was officially made by the government United State Last Tuesday, June 18, the legislation will allow more than half a million immigrants living in that country without legal status. “The people who will benefit from this procedure are married people American citizens (before June 17, 2024) and who have also lived in the United States for at least 10 years.

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Likewise, minor children of these couples will also be included in this programme, And protect them from deportation. Likewise, students or so-called “dreamers” will benefit, who must have graduated from institutions protected or recognized by the United States.

According to the specialist, with this advantage, immigrants will be able to access a legal job offer with an American employer. “This is very good because with this work permit, they will be with legal situation The same employer can then ask them to become residents.

Parole in place is a program of President Joe Biden. (Image: Genesis)

According to lawyer Antoinette Carrillo, this is an immigration procedure It does not differentiate between nationalitiesIt only focuses on those who meet the conditions, in addition to the absence of criminal or deviant records.

“The person must be qualified. That is, they must not have a criminal record, not pose a risk to national security, and not commit fraud. In addition to meeting positive requirements, they must be passable,” Antoinette Carrillo stressed.

Along these lines, the specialist commented that thousands of undocumented persons in the United States are interested in obtaining this new legal status, including many Peruvians. “at the moment, The United States has a very large colony of Dominicans and Venezuelans, as well as Peruvians. This rule will benefit all nationalities. He pointed out that such a change had not occurred since approximately 1997.

On the other hand, the lawyer regretted it There is a lot of misinformation Regarding issues of immigration regulation, in addition to the lack of interest among Peruvians who reside illegally to formalize themselves. “The majority stay and don’t worry about the paperwork. So they don’t get good advice, they don’t know if there is a law that can benefit them or how they can get residency,” Carrillo-Durand said.

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“Many people also don’t know that they, as residents, can apply for their unmarried children. It’s a process that takes a few years, but it works.” […] This new executive order will allow you to file your papers within the United States without leaving the country. [del país]“It is a great benefit that they do not lose,” the expert added.