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Miro and Calder arrive in San Pablo with an exhibit that demonstrates their great friendship

Miro and Calder arrive in San Pablo with an exhibit that demonstrates their great friendship

“Calder + Miró” exhibition highlights the friendship between the Spanish painter and the American sculptor in São Paulo

The technical relationship between Joan Miro And Alexander Calder came to Saint Paul With a new exhibition in Tomi Ohtake Institute Opened this Friday. The sample is called “Calder + Miró“, highlights the relationship between the Spanish painter and the American sculptor, and how their friendship influenced the Brazilian art scene.

The exhibition includes about 150 objects that occupy almost all of the institute’s spaces. Among them are paintings I look And mobile sculptures Calder. This option has already been offered at the institute Roberto Marinho’s house In Rio de Janeiro in 2022, she is now moving to São Paulo to continue her cultural journey.

The standout piece is “Black Widow”, an imposing mobile more than three meters high and over two meters long. This work has an exclusive dedicated room within the gallery. Max BerlingeroThe exhibition curator pointed out that there was no direct influence between the two artists, but rather it was a great friendship that began in 1928 when they were both living in Paris. He added: “There was no influence between one artist and another, but rather it was a great friendship.” Berlingero In an interview.

Berlingero He added that Miro’s organic shapes and vibrant colors find a meeting point with Calder’s production, which mastered balance and movement. “There is no doubt that all Brazilian artists, without exception, saw Calder and Miro at the biennales that brought these great international figures to São Paulo.”he added.

Max Berlingero, the museum's curator, asserts that Miró and Calder's relationship was one of friendship, not influence
Max Berlingero, the museum’s curator, asserts that Miró and Calder’s relationship was one of friendship, not influence

Joan Miro And Alexander Calder They have established a strong and lasting friendship since their first meeting Paris In 1928. Calderborn in Philadelphiavisited a workshop I look In that city, he was fascinated by the experiences of the Catalan artist, who was associated at that time with surrealism. Since the beginning of their relationship, both artists have supported each other in their creative development. Calder, known for his moving sculptures, found inspiration in the work of Miró, who used unusual materials in his creations. This first meeting marked not only the beginning of an artistic collaboration, but also a deep friendship that lasted until Calder’s death in 1976.

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Over the years, the artists’ families have also strengthened relationships. Miro and Calder not only shared projects and exhibitions, but also maintained constant communication that reflected their mutual respect and admiration. According to various media outlets, this connection was evident on multiple occasions, including Calder’s attendance at the opening ceremony of the Miro Foundation in 2008. Barcelona A few weeks before his death.

Calder visited his friend Miro on numerous occasions, both in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. Their creative exchanges influenced the development of their works and fostered a unique collaboration in the twentieth century art scene. Art specialists claim that this relationship not only enriched their careers, but also contributed significantly to the development of new trends within modern art.

Calder and Miro maintained a deep friendship after meeting in Paris in 1928.
Calder and Miro maintained a deep friendship after meeting in Paris in 1928.

The exhibition also dedicates a room to Brazilian artists such as: Helio Oitica, Ione Saldanha And Tommy OtakeHis works interact with shapes and colors I look And CalderThey play with gravity, one of the defining elements of Calder’s sculptures. These innovations established a relationship that goes beyond directly influencing generations of Brazilian artists.

Among the unique items on display is a silver jewel created by Calder for the family. Bokayuvawhich evokes the lips with a circular pendant. “He didn’t understand the Portuguese name Bocaiúva and someone literally translated it as mouth and grapes. So he made a brooch representing the mouth and grapes.” to explain Berlingero.

The exhibition will be available for free until September 15 at Tomi Ohtake Institute. This is an opportunity for art lovers to take a closer look at the mutual influence and friendship that united these two pioneering artists of the 20th century. The legacy of the friendship between Miro and Calder lives on through their works, which continue to inspire new generations of artists and fans. The interaction between its forms and techniques symbolizes a crucial stage in the development of contemporary art and underscores the importance of collaboration in the creative world.

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