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Concern about Jorge Lanata’s health condition: He was intubated and sedated

Concern about Jorge Lanata’s health condition: He was intubated and sedated

journalist Jorge Lanata was hospitalized for eight days In the Italian hospital in Buenos Aires after being injured heart attack On Friday of last week, concern is growing about his health condition.

“He has been intubated and sedated since Saturday.”Committee member revealed Yanina Latorre in theyHe explained in detail the complications that the journalist suffered during his admission to the hospital.

“I will be careful with my words. Besides, I am not a doctor and there is no official part. Saturday he had Very bad respiratory attack, really very ugly. They intubated him and from Saturday to today he is sedated and intubated. “They only tried once to lower the anesthesia and start extubation, and they couldn’t,” Latorre said.

journalist, 63 years oldHe is a dangerous patient and has been suffering from various health problems for several years. He even received two kidney transplants at the Favaloro Foundation.

According to what one of the lecturers in the program reported Angel de BritoLanata expected to be discharged the day after her admission to the hospital so that she could attend the Martín Fierro Awards ceremony.

“I said last week, on Friday night, that Jorge had a short strike, which he got out of quickly, that he had a stable day, and if that was the case, they would let him go home on Saturday.” “So he could share with Martin Fierro who would have seen what it was like,” Latorre explained.

“His condition is clearly worrying. Today he remains intubated. There is a lot of anxiety and that is why there is a lot of silence. Many people ask me too. Since he is a journalist, I understand that he spoke about others, and it seems to me honest to say how he is.”

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The reason why Jorge Lanata was hospitalized

journalist He suffered compensation On Friday last week, he was scheduled to undergo an MRI, which is why he was admitted to the Italian hospital.

His wife is a lawyer Elba MarcovicioHe initially confirmed that the driver had left the danger zone, but as the hours passed, more details about the situation emerged.

“The Italian went this morning to have an MRI. They had to sedate him, and the MRI took longer than expected because of a little panic they had, but everything is fine. Today he took a day to do this MRI, and it was an MRI,” the journalist said. “It wasn’t over the radio, I understand it was scheduled, but there was a small incident in the middle and the process took longer than necessary.” Marcela Toros In a program Intruders.

Journalist Laura Opvall He went a little further and stated in his blog that “the professionals who helped him witnessed a very dramatic moment because of Lanata.” He had a heart attack In the middle of this examination, fortunately, they were able to get him out quickly and everything is under control now.