May 23, 2022

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The resurrection of Haas in F1 is a reality

The resurrection of Haas in F1 is a reality

The frenzy of the opening Bahrain Grand Prix was the greatest victory for the American team, which went through many hardships in 2021 and unexpected last-minute business decisions in 2022, but nonetheless helped Hass She added 10 gold points.

Now they can fight

North American structure, powered by Ferrari, woke up from a very long nightmare. Now, after two years of intense suffering, heaven is closer than ever and the team supervised by Gene Haas is having a very sweet moment with fifth place in the Magnussen in Bahrain. A result reminiscent of Romain Grosjean’s fifth place in the second race in Haas’ recent F1 history in 2016.

Here’s why the celebration for Kevin and Steiner on the radio, after completing the nightly race in Sakhir last Sunday, was so lively and emotional:It was the return of the Vikings!‘, Gunther congratulated him. The Dane immediately answered:Thanks! It was perfect, I can’t believe it“.

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Minutes after Haas secured the fifth place that saw him ranked as the third best designer on the network currently, Kevin spoke to the media: “The madness continues. We had a really good race and the car was running really well at all times. We had a little more deterioration than we expected on the first set of tires and I also locked the wheels in so it wasn’t perfect. But, even after we stopped early, we extended the second mission to get back into planning. Then there was a safety car that brought us all together with the same tires and it became an intense race, it was intense. clearly, We had some luck with the Red Bulls‘, he finally explained.

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Magnussen’s great result in Bahrain, in his unexpected return to competition, was even more important to the American team: “It’s great to be back for the whole team‘, Steiner declared, conscious of the sacrifice of his staff in past seasons:We have done a great job, not only today, but also over the past two years. We held our heads high and prepared for the day when we had a good car. And when the time came, everyone did their part and I’m very proud of that and they can tooItalian concluded.

Gunther’s team is now heading to Saudi Arabia with 10 points in their locker. In one race, they actually scored more points than the whole of last season. And it was not too difficult to overcome this challenge: in 2021, Mazepin And the Schumacher They added a total of 0 points with the VF-21. In the case of the German, a year later, he finished 11th, just outside the top 10 and with a spin caused by Ocon. May more joy come to Haas in Jeddah.

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