June 25, 2022

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The Russian Foreign Minister arrives in India today

NEW DELHI, March 31 (Princea Latina) Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrives today for a two-day official visit to India, where he can discuss the payment system for New Delhi’s acquisition of oil and military materials.

All India Radio reported that it would be the highest-grossing Russian visit to India after Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine on February 24.

The source added that Lavrov will also arrive in New Delhi after completing his two-day stay in China.

The minister can focus his attention on the settlement of the payment mechanism between the rupee and the ruble and the disruption of defense supplies, The Hindu newspaper noted.

The stay of the Russian foreign minister comes amid a wave of trips by leaders of Western countries, who are seeking to change New Delhi’s position ahead of Moscow due to the war in Ukraine.

Lavrov is expected to focus on strategic issues stemming from the conflict between Kyiv and Moscow, as well as specific discussions on Russian oil purchases and payment mechanisms, given the sanctions on Russian banks and the exclusion of the fast-banking mechanism.

The Indian government indicated in Parliament last week that it is studying discounted Russian oil offers and that a special ministerial group led by the Ministry of Finance is studying payment problems to Indian importers and exporters as a result of the war and sanctions imposed on Moscow.

The United States and its European allies are seeking to isolate Russia and increase defense exports to Ukraine and neighboring countries, calling on other nations to support those efforts.

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India has consistently abstained from voting on all UN resolutions affecting Russia and has called for talks between the warring parties.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky between February 24 and March 7.

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