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The story of Jay Wheeler, the king of romantic reggaeton

The story of Jay Wheeler, the king of romantic reggaeton

The Puerto Rican singer talks with LOC about his success, his feelings, and the excitement he feels for his wife, Zamira Zambrano…

after Two decades Playing on the radios, it’s clear that Urban music phenomenon It has no end. Reggaeton artists continue to dominate the rankings and artists love them Bad bunny, featherweight, Fayed, Carol J And Maluma They compete directly with celebrities like Taylor Swift. However, in the last three years, the genre – which was characterized by sexuality – has begun to shift toward A more familiar environment And even romantic.

In fact, some singers have committed to making a song Lap CleaningHis words received an unexpected reception. For example, Manuel Turizo broke records with BachataCamilo has become one of the most listened to singers in Spain and Jay Wheeler (29) – The responsible person curiousitywhich already has 3.2 million views – combined More than 15 thousand people, Last November, at the WiZink Center in Madrid. It’s a huge achievement for the Puerto Rican, who still can’t believe his luck.

“I was nervous, because It’s powerful to be on the other side of the pond. I felt a high level of pressure. But I tried to do my best. My main goal was to connect with my fans, for them to have a good time with me, for them to have fun, and for them to learn about the songs. That they will be excited and that they will take it That beautiful part in their hearts. I hope that every time fans listen to their favorite song, they think about how they felt when they heard it live. “I want them to miss me when I’m gone.” LOC says.

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According to Wheeler, the Spanish audience is One of his favorite fans. According to the Puerto Rican, he feels that his followers are very “close.” “Everyone is very nice to me in Spain. When I was there, many fans were waiting for me outside the hotel. Some loved me and even cried. I love that either. To be honest, at first, when I saw a fan crying, I didn’t understand why. But now I understand it. Some people have been listening to me for years, “I became part of their lives and then it became crazy for them to see me.”

“This made me think that the same thing would happen to me the day I saw Benito [el nombre real de Bad Bunny] Personally. I I like him very much, but I don’t know him yet. I don’t know how I will react when it is my turn to greet him. “But there is a part of me that thinks he can cry,” he explains with great honesty. Wheeler’s character is based on Transparencyin his own exhibition They are weak. They don’t invite him for nothing “The king of romantic reggaeton.”

“I’m happy with this title. Because it sounds like me No one else sings such romantic reggaeton Like cutting your veins,” he laughs, then talks about the inspiration behind each of his words: His wife is singer Zamira Zambrano. Who fell madly in love with him through the networks. “I watched a video of him and fell in love and decided that this would be my wife. Today we dream about it Having a baby soon And we love each other madly. In fact, if you go to my Instagram, the first thing you’ll read is that I’m married to an amazing woman. This is not just a situation, I’m that romantic Indicates.

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But Wheeler also mentions that he was not always a happy romantic. What’s more is his rise to fame After heartbreak. At 16, Wheeler broke up with his girlfriend and the breakup left him devastated. But he decided to channel his sadness into his song I am better at this moment And from night to morning The topic went viral. “It’s true what they say about that song. That girl You left me for a man who had more money From me and now I am the one who has more children than him,” he comments, laughing.

On the other hand, Wheeler wanted to point out One of his greatest loved ones: Jesus Christ. “I started my piano career in a church. Believers They were my first audience and I think they were some of the best viewers I ever had, because I could see My mother is crying from afar So I always felt close to Christian music. For example, i I really like Iniego Quintero And I would like to do something with it, because yes… I also owe my whole career to God.”

“I think I am You have been given a task. Several, in fact. But the first is to make people continue to believe in love. Many people feel disappointed when they fail. “Love doesn’t exist,” he says. But it exists… And love is not to blame for that failure, the blame lies with the people who wronged you. And I, through my music and even through my networks, try to show that to people “Everything will be okay if you surround yourself with love.” I confess.

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“I hope people listen to me and say “I want to be like this man, I want to continue to believe in love. Despite everything, I want to keep fighting, I want to keep moving forward. Moreover, I want to motivate people to be honest, and not change because of what others say. I am who I am, fame has not changed me. If you want to post a video, I’ll do that. If I want to show how happy I am with a woman, I do it. No one controls that. “This is my other mission… although I won’t tell you that it’s easy.”

Wheeler is proud to own it Authentic personality. However, he had to develop his confidence and security. “I experienced bullying and decided to speak out. I don’t know if I’ve helped kids who are going through the same thing. But I want them to understand that this bad moment is just a fluff. Yes, there are those who will hurt you, but you have two choices: to be what they want or to become someone like me. That’s why I always tell everyone: Be careful with the person you attack, “You never know if you might upset the next reggaeton star,” he concludes.

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