June 21, 2024

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Bizarrap delivers on the promise it made to Grison de La Resistencia |  LOS40 Urban

Bizarrap delivers on the promise it made to Grison de La Resistencia | LOS40 Urban

bezarrab He is without his word. Whatever he proposes ends up being, or at least that’s what he showed with his application Grayson, collaborator in ResistanceOn your visit to the program.

It all happened in early July this year. The Argentine producer was in Spain and did not hesitate to accept a program invitation David Bruncano. What he didn’t know was that he would end up meeting the talent of Grison, one of the most famous beatboxers in the country.

Bizarab fell completely amazed at the power of the present, and when one of his demonstrations ended, he did not hesitate to invite him to participate in one of his productions. What we all didn’t know was that this collaboration would end up becoming a reality, and Grison would soon be visiting Bizarrap in the studio to get the work started.

Thus, the beatbox of Resistance It was part of Argentina’s last session, Chucky Championship 73. In a video shared by the protagonist on social networks, he shows the process of creating the theme, from inviting Grison on the set of the program until making it possible.

In describing the pictures, he says: “The Promised is a religion.” Without a doubt, the sounds fully adhere to the rule of the theme, which makes it an attractive melody, typical of the level of these two artists. The session has already reached 10 million views.

Bizarrap is an expert on the success of unions between artists. He has already done so, among other occasions, with it’s wet, in collaboration with Doki and Nikki Nicholl. That is, given that they are three of the reference characters of the urban landscape for new generations, nothing could have happened.

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But his sessions do not go unnoticed. Nathi BellosoAnd Nicky Jam, and more, they visited his studio to give life to songs that ended up breaking into the charts.

Will this be the start of a long list of projects together by Grison and Bizarrap? It wouldn’t surprise us, because they both made it clear that they admire each other’s talent. We are glad that it is!

What do you think of this union?