May 24, 2022

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The summary praised by Pablo Mutos on the war in Ukraine: 'You have to enjoy every minute'

The summary praised by Pablo Mutos on the war in Ukraine: ‘You have to enjoy every minute’

Celebrity visit toant nestDuring this week is inevitable Marked by Russia’s invasion of Ukrainewhich is what keeps the rest of the world’s population in suspense and what he wants to talk about pol motorcycles At the beginning of your last program. As we are used to, the Valencian presenter returned to leave a speech on this topical issue that was quickly shared and applauded on social networks hours later.

Presenter, clapped a lot in the networks

At the beginning of the program, Motos tried to summarize what we are witnessing, from afar, in the war between Russia and Ukraine: “Putin bombs civilian areas and hospitalstrying to leave people without electricity or water, killing those who try to escape through supposedly human corridors,” he began by explaining what happened in the last days during the invasion.

The United States stopped buying oil from Russia, which is a very big stick, and Biden is going to buy it from Venezuela. Aside from the fact that electricity and fuel continue to rise, they have started rationing sunflower oil in supermarkets because Ukraine is the main exporter in Europe. It is also intended for wheat, corn and barley, so bread and preserves will increase and farmers will take care of their animals’ food.”

For all these reasons and as a summary, he also explained that “In a week we forgot the PP . crisison the situation in Castilla y León or that the epidemic is being controlled”, he proceeded to leave a phrase shared by many in the face of these difficult weeks ahead: “This underscores the fact that We must enjoy every minute of life because we live in a state of constant uncertainty. Let’s separate and enjoy each other and have a good time“He was judged before he started.”ant nest“.

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