January 28, 2022

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The tenth stage of the Dakar Rally, live broadcast

The tenth stage of the Dakar Rally, live broadcast

Car times after passing PK 258–


09:52Dakar 2022 | Motorcycles | Attention because Walker
Stay out of the virtual Dakar platform. After giving up Kevin Benavides at 134K this morning due to a mechanical issue,
Walkner He scores a delay of 7:24 at the last waypoint ahead of Quintanilla, which was at the same time. So,
Walkner lost command of the hypothetical general and Sunderland, Quintanilla and Van Beveren could have thrown him off the podium.

09:47Dakar 2022 | Motorcycles | Motorcycles are coming!
Barida He set 6:30 on Brabec and 11:35 on Cornejo. Both Sunderland and Walkner were not doing well on the final stage of the stage and it was all between Price and Quintanilla.

09:42Dakar 2022 | ProtoleGero | We don’t forget the initial lights. They came out a little later, but
Christina Gutierrez The second remains. Upon reaching PK 42 he was only 26 seconds behind the leader,
Quintero. However, he must have had an accident because in PK 85 it was 1:06 and in PK 128 they were already separated by 2 minutes 15 seconds.

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Rating and times of cars in PK 170–


09:32Dakar 2022 | cars | Cars arrive at PK170.
Peterhansel He continues to lead Carlos Sainz and Lettigan by 23 and 57 seconds, respectively. Everything is very tight because all three are in the same minute. Behind,
lube He dumped Ekström and sprinted to the podium, while Al-Attiyah stayed behind Gaul by about thirty seconds.

09:27Dakar 2022 | Motorcycles |
Barida He seems to be recovering little by little despite his injury. at PK 257
The number is more than 4:22, Restore one minute from the previous intermediate point. Price, who started in 17th, came back slowly but surely. The Australian gives up just 22 seconds at km 212.

09:23Dakar 2022 | cars | We return to the cars as they pass through PK 80
Sains Leading the next stage
Peterhansel. For his part, thinking of the general,
Al-Attiyah You reach the waypoint after 12 seconds

09:20Dakar 2022 | Motorcycles | Trouble for Barreda! The Spaniard lost 5 minutes in PK 213. We’ll have to wait for the pilot’s statements to find out what happened to him.

09:18Dakar 2022 | cars |
Carlos Sainz He came out in sixth place, but when he reached 40 BC, he took first place! What a theatrical start for the Madrellini!

09:11Dakar 2022 | quadrilateral |
Benavides He wasn’t the only driver who retired. !
The same goes for my cup! His engine ran out and he had to abandon the special of the day when he was 24 minutes behind Alexandre Giroud in the general classification.

09:07Dakar 2022 | cars | The cars started and the first to start was De Villiers, who won yesterday’s stage. It should be noted that Al-Attiyah was subject to penalties and only took 34 minutes of it
lube in general.

He was arrested on social media, and Al-Attiyah was punished

09:03Dakar 2022 | Motorcycles | As explained to the organization,
Benavides He had a problem with the 122nd kilometer and indicated it would be a “mechanical” setback. The Argentine was trying to reclaim the 36 minutes he lost in navigation in Stage 1B after this Tuesday he finished second on Day 9, with start and finish at Wadi Al Dawasir, placing 10’22” behind the leader. The person from Salta warned that there were still difficult stages, and although he expected anything to happen, he finally had to stop at kilo 133. At kilo 128, shortly before he had to give up the follow, Benavides was fifth, 47 seconds behind the race. Spanish
Juan Barrida (Honda) who was leading the special show.

09:01Benavides threw the towel! The Argentine was forced to relinquish the privacy of the day and lost the battle for his succession. After GasGas and Husqvarna, it’s KTM’s turn to lose one of their own: every team at Factory Mattighoffen lost one. Matthias Walkner, the remaining KTM spearhead, gives 1:32 to Joan Barreda at the 170 kilometer.

08:58Dakar 2022 | Motorcycles | Beware that Benavides has problems! He stopped for 10 minutes at PK 133. The Argentine was fifth in the provisional general standings at 10’22”, 30 seconds behind Joan Barreda. The two riders were trying to climb this morning to get to the podium.

08:50Dakar 2022 | Motorcycles | The first to leave PK 80 arrived and
Barida He led the stage 12 seconds ahead of Cornego, 18 over Benavides and 23 over Falkner. And be careful because he reached PK 118 and Walkner reminded him of two seconds, leaving the income at 21, but with the rest of the competitors, he extended the distance to 39 seconds with Cornego and 47 with Benavides (39 seconds).

08:45Dakar 2022 | Motorcycles | We are really getting into this because there is a lot to say about everything that has happened so far on the motorcycles.
Barida It turned out very well. And that is already in PK 42 having put in 7 seconds for Kevin Benavides and 12 for Walkner.

08:43Dakar 2022 | Pilot data | We also retrieve statements
Baridawho had a good theater on motorbikes,
Nani Roma s
Laya Sanz.

Barreda: “We still have a chance to fight”

Nani Roma: “Today was great”

Laya Sanz: “If we could stay later, we’d go for it, but today wasn’t today”

08:40for this part,
Christina Gutierrez He played a very good stage, managing to get back what he lost the day before. He took second place in the light prototypes, behind American Seth Quintero.

Chris Gutierrez, 2nd place: “Today we wanted to go out and enjoy ourselves and give it our all”

Carlos SainzHe, like we said, had problems. First by slow hole accompanied by delay due to no waypoint found.

Sainz was stopped by another slow hole on stage 9 of the Dakar

08:35Dakar 2022 | Highlights of yesterday’s conference | Isaac Filio was one of the drivers who suffered the most. The Catalan pilot had a serious accident at the beginning of the private flight with severe shock and was evacuated by helicopter and housed.

The original movie Isaac Feliu had a serious accident but he is not in danger

08:30Dakar 2022 | ETAPA 10 | We remember that the motorbikes left at 5:00 a.m. this morning (Spanish time) and the first car left at 7:00 a.m.
Wadi Al Dawasir. They will have to complete 375 km with variations in terrain and colors on one of the highest terrain to reach

08:25Dakar 2022 | This was yesterday |
from Filler He won yesterday’s stage and crossed the finish line 9 seconds ago
Latigan. It was a stage in
extrom lost advantage over
lube Who did not play his best day, and
Carlos Sainz Who suffered a lot because of the puncture. on motorcycles,
Cornego He won the stage and gave half a minute to
Benavidesfinished 1:26, 1:47 from Brabec and 2:06 from Walkner. to
Barida He put almost 30 seconds into it and finished 2:10 behind him.

This is the
Yesterday’s ranking and this morning’s starting order:
Dakar 22: Stage 9 Rankings

Car history:
Dakar stage ninth: Toyota sweeps and Al-Attiyah is more pioneering

Motorcycle history:
Bareda, gets close to the boss despite his brokenness

08:20Dakar 2022 | ETAPA 10 | Pilots will face a stage where they begin
Wadi Al-Dawasir, which culminates in Bisha. During the 375 km of this trip, you will experience variations in terrain and colors on one of the highest terrains.

Dakar 2022, live | tenth stage
Good morning, friends
Sports World! Today, the 2022 Dakar Rally faces a stage of 375 km. A complex and challenging journey. So let’s take back the characteristics of the terrain and … let’s begin!

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