May 22, 2022

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The US government will ask Congress for more money for Ukraine

The US government will ask Congress for more money for Ukraine


Photo: CadenagramonteWashington, April 22. – US Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, emphasized that despite the previously approved funds, it would be necessary to demand an additional amount from Congress for Ukraine, where the Russian military operation continues today.

Yellen held a meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyal on Thursday in Washington, DC, and promised to help Kyiv fill the government’s estimated $8 billion budget gap for the past month.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the United States has sent more than three thousand and 400 million dollars in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and one day before President Joe Biden announced another 800 million, a political move that could prolong and deepen the war in Iraq. European country.

Politico reports that the size of the recent contribution and Yellen’s comments about seeking more economic aid underscore the administration’s interest in supporting President Vladimir Zelensky.

For Yellen, both the White House and allied countries must find ways to “meet Ukraine’s needs” and one action would be to request more money from the US Congress, a formal request that should be submitted next week, though she did not specify how much it would amount to. to me. the amount.

Biden also confirmed that he would submit a formal request to the legislature for approval of a second supplemental funding package, and added that he expects swift action from members of Congress.

The American media warned the Moon of Alabama that Washington’s strategy of sending a huge amount of resources and weapons to Ukraine may backfire.

Analysts believe Biden has put aside pressing problems for his country, such as the economic crisis and inflation, by fueling a warlike confrontation that is not Washington’s responsibility, with only seven months left before the midterm elections. (Mountain chain)

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