November 30, 2023

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The war between Israel and Gaza live |  The United Nations condemns its inability to distribute aid in Gaza while its residents are at risk of starvation  international

The war between Israel and Gaza live | The United Nations condemns its inability to distribute aid in Gaza while its residents are at risk of starvation international

What happened in the last few hours

These are the most important news related to the war between Israel and Hamas as of 12:00 on Friday, November 17:

The United Nations condemns that it is no longer able to distribute aid in Gaza, where its residents are at risk of dying from hunger. The United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees confirmed that the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza had stopped – and was already at a minimum – through the Rafah crossing, which connects the Strip to Egypt. The agency’s director in Spain, Raquel Martí, tweeted: “Due to the disruption of communications due to fuel shortages, UNRWA will not be able to manage or coordinate humanitarian aid convoys.” The UN announcement comes as Gazans face “the immediate possibility of death from hunger”, according to the UN, with only 10% of essential food having arrived so far.

The Israeli army recovers the body of a soldier kidnapped by Hamas. The Israeli army announced that it had found the body of a female soldier who was being held by the Palestinian Hamas movement, in a building near Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The Israeli army confirmed the soldier’s death on Tuesday after Hamas published a video in which she appeared alive, followed by pictures of what the Palestinian movement said was her body after she was killed in an Israeli attack. This is Noah Marciano, 19 years old.

The World Health Organization warns of the spread of diseases in Gaza due to lack of food and drinking water. The Israeli military attack caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people and a shortage of basic supplies for the population due to the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip. “We are extremely concerned about the spread of diseases on the cusp of winter,” Richard Peppercorn, the World Health Organization’s representative in the occupied Palestinian territories, said this morning.

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Five Palestinians were martyred in the West Bank during confrontations with the Israeli army. The Israeli army announced on Friday that it had killed at least “three terrorists” in the West Bank city of Jenin. In addition, Israeli forces killed two Palestinians in the city of Hebron who opened fire on their soldiers, according to the Israeli account.

The Red Crescent denounces the Israeli army’s operation in the West Bank against several ambulances. The non-governmental organization denounced the Israeli occupation army’s raid on Ibn Sina Hospital, the most important hospital in the city of Jenin in the West Bank, this morning, and prevented health workers from working there. The Red Crescent wrote in a tweet on Twitter: “The occupation forces stopped and searched a number of ambulances at Ibn Sina Hospital, and prevented them from treating the wounded and transporting the patients.”

Netanyahu says that Israel “has not succeeded” in reducing civilian casualties in the Strip.The Israeli Prime Minister said that the Israeli army’s attempts to reduce human casualties in Gaza “were not successful.” “Any civilian death is a tragedy. We should have none because we are doing everything we can to keep civilians out of danger, while Hamas is doing everything we can to keep them in danger,” Netanyahu told CBS News.