January 17, 2022

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Así puedes activar los mensajes temporales WhatsApp (Especial).

The WhatsApp. How to activate temporary messages. Follow these steps

The WhatsApp she is one from Messaging apps Most used to communicate almost instantly with whoever we want. Therefore, it is important to be aware Your updates or cheats It will make it easier to use. On this occasion, the application announced new options within temporary messages that can arise with it Full chats with these settings NS set the time To remain stored on the platform.

The Temporary messages on WhatsApp Hmm It is automatically deleted after a certain time, This function has been implemented by the company since November Last year, but now you have more options, you can choose that sent content removes after 24 hours or up to 90 days, Plus the seven daysIt was predetermined.

Since this summer, a feature has also been launched so that photos and videos will disappear immediately upon viewing them once. If you still do not know how to activate temporary messages and how it works The WhatsApp; Here we are sharing a guide with the simple steps that you must follow.

How are temporary messages activated?

All you have to do is log in “contact information” For the chat in which you want to activate the function. There you will find the option.temporary messages” and click on “Activate”, later a Icon on your contact’s photo and notification Indicates that photos or texts sent will be deleted in the next seven days.

On the other hand, the app has also integrated pre-set temporary messages, with which users can activate Temporary messages by default In all newly created chats, whether individual or group.

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When this new feature is activated, all new chats will be configured to disappear after the duration selected by the user. This is new The feature is optional and “does not change or remove” None of the chats, the company explained to Europa Press in a statement.

How do temporary messages work on WhatsApp?

Underlying these privacy functions is the idea that the user must decide How long should the message exist? Now the messaging app has expanded the options it offers by introducing default temporary messages and new temporary options.

temporary messages, Once activated, it disappears after seven days, so far the only temporary option available. From Monday, you can also choose between two other new periods: 24 hours and 90 days.

For those who choose to activate the default temporary messages, the application will display a notification to the participants so that they know at all times the selected configuration. In this way, it becomes clear Your choice applies to all your conversations on WhatsApp since then and it’s nothing personal with anyone‘, they point out from the company.

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