May 22, 2022

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The Women’s Union presents a work agenda after Congress | News

The International Democratic Federation of Women (FDIM) presented its feminist agenda and lines of action at a meeting with Minister of Women of Venezuela Deva Guzmán, Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, as part of the closing ceremony of the activities of the 17th Congress of the organization.

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The re-elected president of the movement, Lorena Peña, presented elements of the feminist and feminist agenda as a result of the work done at the international meeting. Among them, she highlighted the challenges faced by women in the struggle against patriarchy and imperialism.

Among the distinguishing elements that will organize the work of the FDIM, Lorena Peña has indicated four main axes: the role and performance of the FDIM at the time and the challenges it faces; the impact of the epidemic on women’s lives; Human rights for women in all fields, combating inequalities in health, work and motherhood, and against capitalism.

Re-launching its attack on war and fascism and for equal rights is one of the organizational challenges the union has pointed out, as well as the policy of women’s training and promotion and leadership renewal.

Adapting our messages, our content, and our battle of ideas to media and technology resources is another area of ​​work, said the IWDW President.

From other points referred to by the FDIM highlights the creation of alliances and formulas of various types, national and regional. Regarding the impact of the pandemic on women’s lives, the Front appreciated that this context has once again stripped capitalism as a system incapable of sustaining life.

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The union has acknowledged that women are hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic because they are in care tasks, as doctors and nurses, and because they account for the most deaths.

The organization’s work also focuses on rejecting the neoliberal instability of all services and creating space for FDIM’s young women in order to build a specific work agenda.

Similarly, the organization has held in Congress a debate on the human rights of women in all areas, the rights of LGBT, women with disabilities and indigenous peoples.

It also addressed femicide, criminalization, and other forms of inequality and discrimination in health, labour, maternity, and capitalism. The FDIM proposed strengthening the labor and labor movement in the FDIM.

Strengthening the lines to transform the context of women against war and discrimination in the workplace and to ensure sexual rights was among the challenges highlighted by the organization.

Recognizing that the meeting of the delegates of the organization is taking place in a very critical context at the global level, the Coordinator of the Association noted the renewal of wars in the world, and pressure from Ukraine and NATO.

“We are feminists of the left,” said Lorena Peña, who also thought about the need to care for women’s interests and struggle to preserve them, because in times of war women “forgot our rights.”

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For his part, President Nicolas Maduro said that “the Venezuelan Women’s Conference put forward practically meaningful proposals to deepen policies to protect women and their rights and combat violence and discrimination.”

Similarly, he urged the president to “present the truth, essence and sensitivity of Venezuela to the world and you women of the world can count on Venezuela’s support to fight for truth and women’s rights.”

Similarly, Venezuela’s Minister of Women’s Affairs said that the FDIM were “sisters of a class. Feminist Revolutionary Federation and Fighter”.