April 13, 2024

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Raikkonen durante los Libres 3 del GP de Abu Dhabi 2021

‘There is a lot of bullshit in F1’

Although saying goodbye is usually not easy, Kimi Raikkonen After his departure from Formula 1 seems to be the exception that confirms the rule. The driver with the most Grand Prix races, with a total of 349 behind him, He left satisfied with his work in the World Cup Where he registered his name forever declaring himself a champion (in 2007). Finn’s entire career refers to the good memories that, far from generating nostalgia, are simply a part of it Some experiences he wanted to put aside Completely from your current life.

When Kimi announced his retirement last September, gave The absolute priority of the family Facing the new life that was waiting for him after he left The great circus. Went via Sauber, McLaren, Ferrari, Lotus and Alfa Romeo Until his farewell and despite his departure from what it was so far every day for him, he does not sincerely aim entirely for the conduct of the World Cup. “There are many things They have no idea what’s going on here (in F1)”, He started the controversy at Raikkonen motorsports Before delving into his feelings: “A lot of things are too fake. It’s good to get out. Mentally, it would be really good to get out of this nonsense for a while.”

Unlike the first time he left big circus (During 2010 and 2011), Kimi knew what he was “looking forward to when I left this time. Here There is a lot (shit) what you see from outside. The idea of ​​a possible return was no longer on his mind, because the Formula 1 that conquered him “was not like today”. Indicate the economic factor: “Money has changed many things, As in any sport. The more money you invest, the more politics you have. There are things people never know until you’re inside. It is clear that money plays an important role and power. People want to have power There will be many politicians in Formula 1 who will do well in real politics! “

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It is true that Kimi waited until his farewell to make clear how he understands the atmosphere surrounding Formula One today, but the hero’s feelings come from afar: “It has been so for many years, Many. Perhaps people realize that more now. “Despite disagreeing with the policy adopted by the World Cup, his position has always been to steer clear of decisions set by the higher echelons, especially now that he has enjoyed the desired life: ‘I know many things happen but I do not interfere. I don’t think it was very healthy.”