May 17, 2022

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There's an attraction: Honda CEO doesn't see Toyota's hydrogen cars feasible

There’s an attraction: Honda CEO doesn’t see Toyota’s hydrogen cars feasible

While ordinary citizens are thinking and debating which electric car is the best today, the leading brand thinkers are setting their sights on the coming years. Although no one doubts that the future belongs to the electric vehicle, each brand faces the road differently. Honda and Toyota do not share a vision of the future, as the Tokyo CEO explained: “It doesn’t seem possible.” Oddly enough, it comes from a company that brought the world’s first hydrogen car to market.

Do not forget Toyota s Honda They are very big global brands. While those of the Aichi primarily focus on the automotive sector, Honda Products offers a wide variety of products for general use, generators, lawn mowers, and much more. Although, regarding the engine, Both companies are firmly committed to electrification as a means of mobility. Toyota wants to go one step further, announcing its affinity with hydrogen.

This doesn’t mean Honda is giving up on the valuable component, because it isn’t.. Honda Clarity FCEV was the first powered car before hydrogen Manufactured by a large company, long before the Toyota Mirai. However, Honda’s future plans don’t include much importance in hydrogen, which Toyota does. This is the showdown between brands when betting on one technology or another. This isn’t the first time Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe has expressed doubts about hydrogen.

Toyota Mirai is the second generation of Toyota hydrogen cars.

Last year, he already left clear evidence that neither Honda nor he saw mono-powered navigation as possible.: “We’ve done research on all the possibilities that exist. When it comes to hydrogen engines, we see some very difficult technological challenges. It’s been about ten years since we decided that they would not become mainstream.” In the meantime, Toyota has serious plans regarding the use of the fuel cell, Noting that it will not cost more than the hybrid.

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They have declared many times its viability, which is why they are making strong investments to implement the technology. Let’s remember that Toyota was the company that launched the first hybrid car on the market when everyone thought they were crazy. Time has proven them right, and their Prius has revolutionized the industry. Who knows if we’ll be speaking the same terms in a few years? What is clear is that brands rely on a multi-platform horizon, with different mobility systems in place.

Oddly enough, to say the least, Toyota and Honda are embroiled in this small business battle, with both arriving late in the electric market.. a few weeks ago Toyota revealed its strategy for 2035, announcing the launch of 30 electric models. Honda, for its part, is committed to it too, albeit not in a striking or striking way. By the way, while many European brands with great fanfare announce their switch to electric cars, neither Honda nor Toyota has taken this step, and probably never will.