June 23, 2024

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“These are the biggest and boldest improvements Aston Martin has made yet.”

“These are the biggest and boldest improvements Aston Martin has made yet.”

to the difference FerrariNo one knows if Aston Martin’s Imola improvements package Was it too big or not? Yesterday, it was possible to see many changes, however Fernando Alonso lowered expectations He said it’s not such a big improvement, or at least a very big leap. In free training on Friday Not much improvement can be seen, although it is difficult to analyze speed in training sessions.

but, Dan Fallows explained that these new parts are the biggest changes Which they have done all season, considering that it is one of the teams that usually makes improvements, albeit small, in most Grands Prix. “The improvement package is very strong. Probably the largest yet,” he explained. Technical Director of Aston Martin.

The upgrade package is very aggressive. Probably the biggest yet

Dan Fallows, Aston Martin technical director

However, there is no need to worry, because they will continue to improve the car a lot, as they have said on many occasions, His plan is not to have the same car in two consecutive races And for now, they are doing just that: “We knew that we had a car that we would have many opportunities with. At the beginning of the season we wanted to make sure that we had constant updates. The Imola updates are only part of our plan and we want to continue on this path as well in the upcoming races.” .

Imola update

As the engineer reported, the team has worked hard at Silverstone to deliver this package of improvements They are based on the main problems they discovered in the first sprint Season in Bahrain He said: “I think most of this update is based on what we saw in the car at launch.”

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next to, One of its goals is to achieve success in all ways, because that is one of its problems: “We’ve seen that some tracks suit our car better than others. That’s something we’ve been focusing on, trying to make sure we can be good anywhere.” That’s why he said they place a special emphasis on always performing well: “We’ve seen that on some tracks, in some conditions, we’re better than on other occasions. This is obviously something we analyze closely, to try and make sure of that, when we develop a car in… Future, let’s try to reconcile those differences.

We have seen that some circuits adapt better to our car than others

Dan Fallows, Aston Martin technical director

The learning they gained in 2023

“When you push an update, obviously you want to put it directly on the device and see that it does exactly what you expect it to do, but there are different ways of looking at the data and obviously there are different things that can be a little bit unpredictable once the updates have been pushed.” Fallows began. So You have to give the British team time, because it may take a little longer to find the best improvement Of new pieces.

It’s all something They have learned from last year, where the in-season improvements did not work well: “We learned something in some areas, and we realized that we can try harder than before. There are some things that we have to be more careful with. It was a learning experience. I think now that we have a little bit of experience we will see more confidence in the success of this.” Updates today, but it was a lot of hard work trying to solve it,” he explained before the free practice.

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