June 16, 2024

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They are hosting a big concert in New Zealand with 50,000 people - El Sol de Mexico

They are hosting a big concert in New Zealand with 50,000 people – El Sol de Mexico

This weekend, the first grand concert since the outbreak began, with at least 50,000 participants, took place in New Zealand.

Thus, while the world continues to imprison, the country that was able to eradicate the corona virus held its biggest concert ever, with Six60.

The closing of the band’s tour on Saturday night was announced as the world’s largest concert since the outbreak began.

Singer Matthew Walters looked at more than 50,000 sweaty but deceptive fans and asked, “So what’s going on in Eden Park?”

The event was significant for the band, which had unprecedented success in New Zealand.

Lucy Climbas, one of the participants, said it was a real experience to be surrounded by so many people after spending endless imprisonment in the UK over the past year.

For his part, Walters, the singer, said they really want their musicians friends around the world to play live again.

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“We knew what was being locked up. It was nonsense. And we don’t know if we can give concerts again,” he said in an interview before the show. “But for some reason, we’re lucky in New Zealand.”

Less than 10 cases of Govt-19 are reported per day in New Zealand, sometimes not one.

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