July 5, 2022

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They are preparing a documentary about Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanes

The life of the Cuban singer-songwriter Paul Milanes It will be said in a documentary that his son, audiovisual producer Fabien Pisani, is preparing.

The film, according to Mexican film producer Carlos Sosa, will depict his years as founder of Nueva Trova Cubana, but will also record the current stage of the troubadour, when he resumed art tours after overcoming health issues.

“We are already filming, and I think it will be in the middle of next year that we will be finished; we have just been in Spain at a concert for Pablo (as part of his Días de luz 2022 tour, which will run until April), we filmed in Havana, let’s go shoot in Mexico City, also on tour in Miami, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, at some point in the filming we will go to Brazil, and possibly Argentina, he revealed to the newspaper mexico sun.

Pisani, born in 1971, is a producer of institutional feature films, documentaries, audiovisuals, and cultural events in New York.

He is credited with producing feature films such as “7 Days in Havana” and “In the Hot Air”, and was also a screenwriter and director. He was also responsible for the Musicabana Festival, which took place in the Cuban capital in May 2016, months after the restoration of relations between Cuba and the United States.

Pablito, who just turned 79He is currently on tour in Spain as part of his “Días de Luz” tour, which last year also took him to the United States, where he performed successfully on stages in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florida, New York and Washington.

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In a recent interview with the agency, EFEtroubadour He explained that he chose the album “Dias de Luz” for the partiesBecause during the isolation due to the epidemic, I thought only of when I would enjoy those days of light again.

“I didn’t think that multinational corporations, governments, parties, etc., would make me look bad, that they wouldn’t depend on a human at all. But hey, it just ended. And here we are, waiting and waiting…”, he said.

In 2017, the Cuban director Juan Penn Villar directed the documentary Pablo Milanes.In which the famous singer-songwriter first spoke about topics such as his childhood, revolutionary triumph, his time at UMAP, his relationship with his mother and first wife, among others.

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