December 4, 2023

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They create a song for cinema employees to prevent theft of promotional advertisements

They create a song for cinema employees to prevent theft of promotional advertisements

Five Nights at Freddy’s and Taylor Swift fans tried to hold the signs

Fans always want merchandise from their favorite artists or movies, but instead of buying them, some try just for fun to take promotional banners from movie theaters. The first to take their enthusiasm to the extreme were the headsets, but then fans of the video game saga followed Five nights at freddy’s.

Faced with the theft of promotional posters for both the concert film The Eras Tour and the film based on the aforementioned video games, workers at companies such as Cinepolis And cinemax They chased fans through malls to retrieve the cardboard poster.

These videos have gone viral on social networks and sparked all kinds of memes, but now @adeth.fearwhale, A TikTok user created a song dedicated to employees.

The workers of this cinema chain were inspired to salvage promotional materials. Credit: (TikTok/@adeth.fearwhale)

This is a theme inspired by Five nights at freddy’s 1l Living headstoneThis song originated from a horror video game I created Scott Cowton In 2014, many fans were happy that it was included in the credits for the film Five Nights at Freddy’s, which premiered on October 26 in Mexico.

The theme of the song is a satire of the journeys people have to go through. Cinepolitus — as they and their agents affectionately called them — so they could protect movie posters that fans wanted to steal.

Part of the lyrics read: “From Monday to Sunday, we work without stopping, without being able to rest, there are many hours in solitude, They’ve forever forced us into a lot of cardboardWell, today someone took the trailer. Don’t leave us behind, we will catch up with you, we are not what you think. Cinepolitos who do not have their own control are forced to play this role.

Moviegoers were lucky because the security guard caught the thief. (Screenshot/TikTokunpocodeorizaba)

In the background, different sets of confrontations can be seen that occurred between Cinépolis employees and fans seeking to take the signs. One of them is the young man who went jogging on Avenida Paseo de la Reforma to retrieve a poster Taylor Swift He ended by saying the phrase, “It’s not my turn.”

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Another was the boy who stopped him from running after a fan of a video game saga about an anime who tortures a night security guard. The video dedicated to the workers received nearly 340,000 “likes” within this social network.