December 6, 2023

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They criticize Majali and describe her as “soft.” In an interview with Paulo Hurtado: “A washed face.”

They criticize Majali and describe her as “soft.” In an interview with Paulo Hurtado: “A washed face.”

Janet Barboza and Mariela Zanetti criticize Magaly Medina for interviewing Paulo Hurtado. (Video: America Howie – America TV).

After cancellation Josmery Toledo To go for an interview Medina MajaliThe journalist announced an exclusive interview with Paulo Hurtado. Contrary to what the audience expected, the presenter was completely calm and not as assertive as she usually was on other occasions.

This surprised social media users, who did not hesitate to criticize the entertainment journalist for being too “soft” in front of Hurtado. Moreover, it should be noted that the football player directed harsh words against Urraca and her husband, Alfredo Zambrano.

For all this, people thought that Majali would be more adamant with the athlete or that she would blame him live for much more things than could be seen in the friendly conversation that took place between them yesterday, Monday, October 23.

Moreover, according to the same journalist, the meeting was facilitated by Rosa Fuentes and her lawyer, who served as the liaison for Magali Medina to interview Paulo Hurtado. Likewise, as the host herself revealed, Fuentes was present throughout the conversation behind the cameras.

Rosa Fuentes had contacted Magali Medina and was present during the interview with Paulo Hurtado. vehicle.

driver “America Today” She did not remain silent and commented on the interview conducted by Majali with Paulo Hurtado, who confirmed that the journalist did not direct significant criticism of the football player, after he admitted his mistake. Infidelity with josmeri toledo.

In addition, the famous “Roletus” commented that Medina would be looking for him “washing his face” To the characters who have been involved in infidelity due to infidelity, but since they did the interview exclusively, that’s why they don’t usually criticize them harshly.

“What seems incredible to me is that the new celebrity, Paulo Hurtado, practically wants to make him look like a poor deprived man, because they write to him on Instagram and ask for his number,” was the first thing said by Janet Barboza, who seemed completely upset by the situation.

Standing next to Mariela Zanetti, Barboza confirmed that Majali wanted to minimize the footballer’s mistake so that all media pressure would fall on him. Josmery Toledo.

“What a way to wash his face, what a way when someone suits you, no matter how unfaithful he is, no matter how blessed you are, you want to put him like this. Babiza was canonized by the neo-infidels, and the first was the Ritz. “Now ‘Caballito’ is poor, and Gusmere is to blame,” Janet said.

Josmeri Toledo reveals the details of her relationship with Paulo Hurtado. (Photo: Screenshot from ATV and IG)

For his part, Zanetti also attacked Majali over the poor interview she gave with Hurtado. “I would like to know what would have happened if Paulo Hurtado had not sat in that group and had not agreed to be interviewed, Would I treat him the same way or crush him?“, commented the comedienne.

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On the other hand, social media users were also unaware of his interview. Medina Majali For the athlete, the host was therefore questioned for her indecisiveness, as is usually seen on her programs.

“What a good plastic surgery they are giving him”, “I don’t know who looks worse, the great player, Majali or the wife who has not forgiven him”, “Why does Majali speak in such a soft tone?” “It looks like I was having tea with Paulo Hurtado”, she was These are some of the comments left by users on Twitter, while others questioned his work as a journalist and his objectivity.