May 17, 2022

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They criticize the daughter of Adel Ramones for a practical joke on her maid |  people |  entertainment

They criticize the daughter of Adel Ramones for a practical joke on her maid | people | entertainment

Paola criticized Ramones after she made a practical joke on a woman on duty.

Paola Ramones, daughter of actor Adele RamonesShe was criticized on social media, after she played a heavy prank on one of her domestic employees. The 21-year-old uploaded a file a challenge where you can see him with his friend, and impact Daniel Khosraviplay with him A severe prank on someone named Rosetta.

In the video, the young couple was seen urging the woman to break a wooden plank with her head. The woman tries to break the board by repeatedly hitting it on the forehead, without breaking the wood. This situation causes Paula Ramones, her boyfriend and another young woman to accompany them in the “challenge” to laughter, causing outrage among netizens.

The mode has been criticized by many users since then The lady was in a dangerous situation.

“The humor of the rich is very rare,” “And if the female worker is injured in this part, she will die,” “This girl’s brain seems hollow,”“Bonus to Rosita for this simple video”“Unhappy, rude and offensive” are some of the comments on the video.

daughter of justice

Paula Ramones begins to find her own way by trying to separate herself from the fame of her famous father. The young woman is preparing to shape her own film career, In 2020, he premiered a short film called born again , She was a writer and director.

For some time, Adal’s daughter lives in the United States, where she recently graduated from her film career. In addition, it was in that country where the young woman found love with tiktoker With who appears in the critical Internet joke. Paola has more than 225 thousand Followers On TikTok, he became an Instagram personality, where he shares aspects of his daily life. (And)

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