May 17, 2022

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USA: 55% of aircraft are victims of 5G telephony |  Airlines news

USA: 55% of aircraft are victims of 5G telephony | Airlines news

Forty-five percent of all aircraft in the United States have received clearance from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to take off and, above all, to land at all airports in the country in the vicinity of which mobile phone coverage is planned. . This means that fifty-five percent of all commercial aircraft will have problems operating at those airports at times when it is necessary to operate in low visibility conditions and use automated systems.

With this rating, the two major US telephone companies, Verizon and AT&T, will begin to publish coverage of this new telephony (‘Communications’ and aviation, in an all-out war in the US for 5G).

The problem is with the altimeters used by some aircraft, which do not function normally in an environment where there are 5G phone wireless signals. These altimeters are also installed on aircraft manufactured by Boeing or Airbus.

The problem affects eighty-eight commercial airports in the country, but the situation is certainly more serious in forty-eight of them.

At all of these airports, since January 5, it’s not possible to land with low visibility until phone companies establish areas with no coverage for six months. Similarly, in some cases there will be a delay in the installation of repeaters of these signals.

Despite everything, there are still many aircraft that cannot land at certain airports, in certain visibility conditions, especially in the forty-eight on the most controversial list.

Passengers and airlines should be aware of these airports, which aircraft are operated and also whether visibility conditions on that particular day require the use of automated landings.

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