July 14, 2024

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They find a video in which Angela Aguilar advises against hanging out with married people: “I took the magic from what I can’t have.”

They find a video in which Angela Aguilar advises against hanging out with married people: “I took the magic from what I can’t have.”

The singer revealed how she felt the bullying she faced during 2023: Screenshots: YouTube/Angela Aguilar Official

After weeks of speculation, Christian Nodal and Angela Aguilar have finally gone public with their relationship. The revelation came via a well-known magazine that obtained exclusives directly from the artists. However, this news was not well received by fans of both and the general public, because Nodal recently ended his engagement with Kazuo, with whom he has a daughter.

Moreover, Aguilar and Nodal admitted this Their romantic relationship began many years ago.Although they had not been able to explore it before. When they collaborated musically, Angela was 14 years old and Christian was 19 years old. After a long time, they finally decided to give their love a chance.

“It is not a new relationship, it is a continuation of a story in which life has made us pause in order to grow and miss it. Because when we let ourselves go, when we come back, we become more our own,” declared Angela Aguilar, thus confirming the assumptions.

Angela Aguilar, Christian Nodal and Belinda. (Photos: Televisa/Instagram)

For his part, Christian Nodal denied the rumors that suggested that Angela was the reason for his separation from Kazoo, explaining that his relationship with the Argentine ended amicably.

However, the reaction of users on social networks was very negative. Many criticized Aguilar in particular, who has presented herself in previous interviews as a friend of the couple.

Since then a lot Pepe Aguilar’s daughter’s statements from the past were analyzed with a magnifying glass. Thus, netizens found contradictions that led them to believe that there was something between her and Nodal since three courtships before the singer.


Recently, netizens found a video that is not very old Angela Aguilar advises against hanging out with married people. It was an audio and video clip from the magazine The magic of Mexico The regional artist answers several random questions drawn from a bowl of scrap paper.

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One question posted anonymously by fans says: “I took the magic of things I couldn’t have And then I feel so ashamed that I didn’t get it. She answers:

“Everything is possible in life, except for married people. Don’t sit with married people. This is bad.”

In the same dynamic, one of the young leaves confesses, saying: “I cannot be with her, but I do not know how to be without her either. How can I continue with my life?” After making a face and sighing, Angela Aguilar responds and advises:

“Oh, this is so hard! It happened to me, they had to listen to my father’s ‘Neither With You nor Without You’ because that song explains it. For you, it seems so easy to say I can’t be with her,” says the singer.

Of course, the video was posted a little over three months ago, but netizens reconsidered it and did not hesitate to express their opinion through the comments: “I took a charm from things that I can’t have Then only married people said He was already walking on legs Black”, “Bien caradura la cusca”, “Mustia. The entire Aguilar family is that grassroots.