June 23, 2024

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They released the trailer for "Las polacas", a short film starring Tahime Alfareño and Coralita Fellowes.

They released the trailer for “Las polacas”, a short film starring Tahime Alfareño and Coralita Fellowes.

short trailer electrodes, starring Cuban actresses Tahimí Alvariño And Coralette fast He has finally seen the light. The audio-visual material was published on YouTube, on the channel of its director, Carlos Barba Silva.

In short, Coralita and Tahimi not only share the lead roles, but also bring their role as mother and daughter to the big screen. After many years without working together.

“The premiere of the trailer for” Las Polakas “, Tahime Alvarinho wrote on social networks.

The short film, whose shooting ended in 2019, takes place during the journey of a mother and daughter in a Polski Fiat, popularly called “polaquito” in Cuba. Along the way, the film’s protagonists review their lives, struggles and especially the relationship with the person who was the husband of one and the father of the other.

The short film script was written by Guantanamo director Carlos Barba, who also has the short film 25 hoursStarring the famous Cuban actress Isabel Santosand share Enrique Pineda Barnett and Alicia Bustamante.

Barba has lived in Mexico for several years and is a director of documentaries related to the history of Cuban cinema, such as end echoes (2002), Memories of Lucia (2003), woman waiting (2005) and Rachel’s song (2007).

Tahime and Coralita worked together in films Waltzing in Old Havanafrom the end of the eighties; And Waiting list, from Juan Carlos Tapio, With Jorge Perugoria And Vladimir Cruz.

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