June 23, 2024

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They urge sustainable water management in the face of climate change

They urge sustainable water management in the face of climate change

The presentation of the Wastewater Report on Wednesday: From Problem to Solution, was an opportunity to discuss the document’s conclusions during World Water Week 2023, which will take place in Stockholm, Sweden.

The text highlights the urgent need to develop and implement solutions for the sustainable management of water and waste, because despite some progress in the past decade, the lack of remediation remains a major global challenge.

The effects of climate change, population growth and urbanization are putting pressure on water resources globally, particularly sewage pollution, which is a major factor in biodiversity loss and health threat.

This environmental impact includes the most vulnerable people and ecosystems, especially marine and freshwater systems, in addition to being responsible for nearly as many greenhouse gas emissions as the airline industry.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, with the right policies, wastewater is an invaluable resource that can provide energy for about 500 million people, save more than 10 times the liquid provided by the current global desalination capacity, and replace more than 10 percent of water consumption. fertilizer use in the world.

The report also finds that the safe and sound management of wastewater goes beyond achieving water security, with co-benefits such as improved health and well-being, reduced reliance on synthetic fertilizers, and diversification of energy production.

According to data from that UN agency, one in four people live without access to drinking water or safely managed services.

In addition, a third of the world’s population lives in areas that suffer from scarcity of this precious liquid, while its scarcity is expected to displace up to 700 million people by 2030.

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In the midst of this dire situation, the text adds, so does the demand for water and the need to rapidly increase food production and reduce reliance on fossil fuels for energy.

On this basis, he urged politicians and decision-makers in all regions of the world to implement the three main actions: reduce the volume of wastewater produced, anticipate and reduce pollution in water flows, and manage it sustainably for recovery and resource reuse. .