July 14, 2024

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The inauguration of the Ecuadorian legislature progresses

The inauguration of the Ecuadorian legislature progresses

The ceremony was initially scheduled to be held on the 20th of this month, but the foundation decided to anticipate the event without mentioning the reason in the statement issued on Thursday evening.

Before the specified date, the 137 elected members of the Council must submit documents that enable them to possess them, including a certificate from the Ministry of Labor stating that they have no obstacle to holding public office.

Two days ago, the Director General of the Assembly, Miguel Pesantez, reported that security measures would be doubled by the National Police and the legislative guard for those who will assume parliamentary functions.

Regarding the inauguration of President-elect Daniel Noboa, an event for which the association is responsible, the official confirmed that they are working with the tentative date of December 1, although it is also likely to be expected.

While preparing for the formalities, parliamentarians elected in the recent elections are negotiating potential agreements and alliances to determine who will have the new powers of that body of the Ecuadorian state and which issues they will prioritize.

Since last May 17, Ecuador has not had a legislative assembly, as President Guillermo Lasso implemented the constitutional mechanism of cross-death, with which he preempted his departure from office and the dissolution of the Assembly when it was about to vote on an impeachment trial against him.


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