December 9, 2023

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Eris, the discovery that revolutionized what was hitherto known about the solar system

Eris, the discovery that revolutionized what was hitherto known about the solar system

In the vast universe, Solar System The ones we know occupy a small fraction, and over the decades amazing discoveries have been made. The discovery of this celestial body was one of them.

In this scenario, a small celestial body remained neglected for years, until a scientific study sparked controversy a little over a decade ago. Since its discovery, Pluto’s classification in the solar system has changed.


Planet of discord

One of the most shocking scientific news of this century was the discovery of this small celestial body Pluto was removed from its planetary positionand assign it to a category “dwarf planet”. Hence, experts’ view of the solar system changed.

Discovery of Iris

In 2003astronomer Mike Brown He made an interesting discovery beyond Neptune: Small celestial body But bigger than Pluto. But only in 2005 was it identified as another possible planet in our solar system. This discovery sparked controversy among scientists.

Eris – Planet.jpg

Controversy over whether this object, His name is “Iris” In honor of the Greek goddess of discord, whether it should be considered a planet or not has sparked intense debate in the scientific community. Eris was slightly larger than Pluto, which is considered the smallest planet. In 2006, the name Pluto was changed in the solar system.

Finally, both Eris and Pluto are named “minor planets”. This is how objects in our solar system are cataloged They do not meet all the requirements to be called planets.

The most distant dwarf planet


This amazing dwarf planet is The farthest in the solar systemIt is about three times farther than Pluto. It is expected that Iris hosts frozen methane On its surface, it raises questions about how it affects the dynamics of the planetary system as we know it.

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With approx 2400 km wideEris has become the largest dwarf planet known to date. From disagreement to change in the arrangement of the planets, Iris It left an indelible mark on our understanding of the solar system.