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They will reveal an unreleased song by Juan Gabriel and Diego Verdaguer

They will reveal an unreleased song by Juan Gabriel and Diego Verdaguer

(Photo: Instagram @soyjuangabriel_)

Argentine actress Diego Verdaguer paid tribute to his friend and genius Juan Gabriel by highlighting the song they co-wrote “The Sun Has Come Out”.Five years after the death of the Mexican singer, author and composer.

“(Theme) is a tribute The noble intention I knew of Juan Gabriel (Alberto Aguilera), People know his songs and other things about him, but not everyone knows his intention to help others,” says Verdaguer in an interview with Efe.

“The sun has risen, a new day is born, and the earth is calling for peace again.”Verdaguer sings in the first line of the song that seeks to give a message of hope and that It will be released on August 27, one day before the fifth anniversary of the author of Eternal Love.

According to the Argentine musician, The song is at least 8 years old since they were both written by them Too accidental at the meeting. “I had a computer, I grabbed my guitar and started playing, Alberto was there and “The sun has risen,” said I, continued singing, and there we began, It was a moment. He liked it, took a poll, wrote a few words, but I recorded it,” Diego recalls.

Although there were no later plans to do something with the song, in 2016 a tribute received by Juan Gabriel in Fine Arts for his death in August 2016, Diego announced that he had an unreleased song written by both, but that he had not even found the proper output. for the song. “I thought it was the right time to do this because of the spread of this pandemic, with all that is happening with vaccinationWhat is happening in Afghanistan with women, what is happening in Cuba, in Mexico, the world is upside down,” Verdaguer confirms.

Argentine singer Diego Verdaguer made a beautiful friendship with him "Divo Juarez" (Photo: EFE/Photoamc)
Argentine singer Diego Verdaguer struck up a sweet friendship with “Divo de Juárez” (Photo: EFE/Photoamc)

For the composer and musician, artists have a responsibility to be a spokesperson for the social problems that exist in the time in which they lived. “When I was talking to Juan Gabriel, he said it was our duty to say that she sings, We have to do something as a community of musicians. “Let’s talk about love, let’s sing songs that make hearts grow,” he sings another line of the song.

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was the topic Largely produced and prepared by Gustavo Farias, Producer who worked with Juan Gabriel in the latter phase of his career. The singer and Verdaguer’s wife, Amanda Miguel, who collaborated on the song with her piano, also participated.

much Farías as Amanda is part of the video that was recorded in Los AngelesAs well as his daughter Anna Victoria, who is eight months pregnant. “I am happy and now expecting a new baby in the family, and I think it is an important moment in life and we have to enjoy it from all sides,” he says.

The song will be released five years after Juan Gabriel's death (Photo: Instagram @soyjuangabriel_)
The song will be released five years after Juan Gabriel’s death (Photo: Instagram @soyjuangabriel_)

Diego and Amanda’s first meeting with Juan Gabriel marked the beginning of a long friendship full of memories. “In the seventies, Amanda and I were in the car and heard on the radio ‘Every morning Mr. Sun comes from my window’ there I met him and thought, What a marvel, what a beautiful message and the simplicity of the voice,” Diego tells. Although by that time both were already well-known artists in their respective countries, Verdaguer admits he doesn’t know how big of an artist Juan Gabriel was.

And it wasn’t until the 1980s when Divo de Juárez wanted to meet them in person, this time, through a mutual friend. “I always had a camera and had a photo of that meeting, where our friendship was born and we started visiting each other. He had many homes and we spent Christmas together, we went to the snow, Cancun, Morelia, New York, Miami, and we shared a lot,” he admits.

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At the age of 70, Diego feels out of touch when it comes to composing music. He has devoted his time to composing and singing various styles that have influenced him throughout his career, ranging from rock to regional Mexican. “At this point in my life, I will go to the core, what got me here, the stories, the great Italian songs, the mariachi music I listened to in my country, I record everything that makes me want to sing.”, it states. For this reason, although not without success, Verdaguer does not worry about creating “hits” and emphasizes that he seeks to have fun and “have a good time”.

* With information from EFE