July 1, 2022

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This is Bay View, Google's impressive new campus in California

This is Bay View, Google’s impressive new campus in California

Nearly ten years ago, Google announced that it would build a new campus in the Charleston East area of ​​California. Today the building is known as Gulf view It opened its doors to the company’s employees and we can finally take a look at what it has to offer. Constructed on an area of ​​42 hectares, it is the first campus the company has built from scratch since it was founded in 1998.

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The group of buildings uses renewable energy sources and according to the company, 90% of the time they do not generate emissions that can harm the environment. The two main buildings are covered with solar panels that rely on neighboring wind farms to meet all of the company’s energy needs. In addition, the campus pays special attention to collecting and reusing water to reduce its impact on the environment.

at release Where Google Bay View presents, it shows that it was built with people’s needs in mind. Filled with greenery and making the most of natural light, care has been taken that each workplace has an outside view. Although the creation of Google began years ago, it has incorporated a hybrid working philosophy within offices, which is largely in line with the realities of the post-pandemic work world. David Radcliffe, Vice President of Real Estate and Workplace Services explains, “We have designed a building that can evolve as the way we work changes. With a distributed workforce, the office needs to create harmony between those there and those elsewhere. The flexible nature of focus spaces And the Bay View collaborations are just one way to adapt to these changes… I really believe these buildings will continue while introducing new spaces to enhance the hybrid work.”

In a video introducing the facility, Michelle Kaufman, director of research and development for the built environment, said part of the idea of ​​building a campus that didn’t feel like an office was to break people’s preconceptions when they showed up at work: “It’s like a drawing board to create new ways of being together.”

Bay View is located near NASA’s Ames Research Center and more than 4,000 people will work from there. It contains two main buildings (one larger than the other), a conference center for 1,000 people, and hotel rooms to accommodate those who visit. Bay View is a sample of what workplaces should look like after a pandemic.

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