April 19, 2024

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This is how innovative solutions for real data-driven projects are created

This is how innovative solutions for real data-driven projects are created

It seems that Artificial intelligence wave This idea has been around for a long time, but before the fall of 2022, the majority of companies had not thought about implementing it in their internal operations and, in many cases, did not even stop to think about whether they would need it in the future. .

However, the advent of ChatGPT forced a change in script, and today it is difficult to find companies that, at least, have not already started doing so. Explore the benefits of artificial intelligenceIf you don't already use it in your daily life.

The problem is the speed with which events happen in the technological field. For many companies, implementation Data-driven solutions are not yours essence BusinessBut it is a necessary task for continued growth and competitiveness.

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“The key is to find collaborative ecosystems that help us develop projects, but also learn from those who know best. This is Coboro: a community where we can grow these data and AI projects, well accompanied in the process,” he explains. To D+I – EL ESPAÑOL, Izaskun Orive, co-founder of Kopuru.

To find the origin of Coboro, we must go back to 2017 and to the proposal promoted by a company dedicated to advanced analytics projects. The initiative did not go ahead partly due to the fact that these technologies, at the time, did not have current maturity, Like many other projects ahead of its time, the platform did not go any further.

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Promoters of the Kopuru platform.

“It was in 2022 when Izascon and Iñigo Echevarria, the other co-founder, spoke to its promoters, We saw the potential of the solution and said “it's time.”. We reached a collaboration agreement to lead this second driver, and gave it a chance Hair restyling To Kopuru in every sense of the word: image, message, service, value proposition, etc.

The new Kopuru community was launched in April 2023 and is now open A large platform with nearly 3,000 AI and data experts and continuing to grow.

“Iñigo and I come from the world of industry, we have developed projects with high technological components, but we also have… This creative and collaborative vein, Just the values ​​that we seek to impart to Coboro.”

In addition, they are both organizers of the DataBeers Euskadi event in Vitoria, where they heard about very similar issues. It was a way to discover the urgent need for creativity Environments for businesses and professionals where they can collaborate and grow together.

Bigger and better use of data

From this combination of factors, the new vision of Coboro was born, a platform for creating those valuable connections, thanks to the talents of its community, with the aim of providing Innovative solutions to real challenges based on company data.

But how does your community work? First, community experts They signed up For a challenge launched by companies, they solve it and upload their solutions to the platform. “After evaluation, we reward the winner.

It is precisely in the solution that companies get that the true value of Coboro lies: “They get something fundamental: Very clear conclusions of what you needWhat you don't need, and how to take the next steps in implementing your project. But now, with all the answers on the table,” Orev points out.

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In this way challenges help them Validate your projects hypotheses Based on data in a rapid manner, which may be impossible for many of them without the mediation of community experts.

Isakson Orif, in a file photo.

There is still additional added value. “When you receive these conclusions, a world of possibilities opens up: further progressing the project and taking it to another level, creating your own data team within your organization, evolving your challenge… This is where we guide companies towards the best solution so that, once you remove This first hurdle, they continue to grow in their data projects. It is the beginning of the path towards using data better and better, and above all, accompanied by.

In its short but extensive history as a company, Kopuru highlights several key moments. in the first place, Share it in BBK trends 2023 Last October, “we were fortunate to share the stage with leading professionals from the world of AI, presenting our insights into talent in this new era of businesses.”

“The way is to help those who feel far from this ecosystem, and bring this new reality closer to them by speaking their language.”

Isakson Orif, Co-founder of Coboro

secondly, comment Who comes to them from Dynamics and workshops they teach with organizations such as BIC Araba or professional associations“We help companies take their first steps in AI and data.”

These first impressions confirm that the journey will still be long but that the startup’s proposal is on the right track. “is just a Helping those who feel out of this ecosystemBringing this new reality closer to them and speaking their language,” concludes the entrepreneur.

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