December 1, 2021

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This is the alternate ending to The Squid Game that changes everything in Season 2

This is the alternate ending to The Squid Game that changes everything in Season 2

MADRID, November 11 (CulturaOcio) –

It seems that squid game It will have a completely different ending. Hwang Dong HyukThe creator of the series that swept Netflix, revealed it The first season will have a completely different outcome It would completely change the meaning of fantasy.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hwang commented that there is another ending to it Ji Hoon boarded the plane to the United StatesAnd Thus trying to forget what happened in the game.

“We are considering two different scenarios for its outcome. There was one alternative where Ji Hoon got on the plane and left and another, which was the last, in which he turned and walked toward the camera. We constantly ask ourselves,That’s really true Ji-hoon se mar To see your family to follow your happiness?“, reveal.

And there arose the dilemma for Huang,”What did the series want to convey? “And that was when it was decided that Ji-hoon didn’t take that flight. “We concluded that the question that We wanted to suggest can not be done if he had left“It is to explain.

“We wanted to ask: Why has the world become this way? It can only be exposed if Ji-hoon turns around. So we chose this ending.”

Maybe it was for other intentions, but this result is vague enough It leads to a second season, which has already been confirmed by Netflix. Everything indicates that Ji Hoon is going to start taking revenge on him Those elite who organize Thursdayhe goes The pervert who managed to win it.

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