December 9, 2023

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This is the bar that recreates the bar in the series

This is the bar that recreates the bar in the series

Fever for friends It has led entrepreneurs around the world to flood our cities with spaces paying homage to the series, but there is one that has been established for years as one of its viewers’ favorites, long before other modern venues opened. We’re talking about Central Perks in Toledo, a cozy bar located in one of the most visited areas of the capital of Castilla-La Mancha, which is very similar to…the symbolic cafeteria where the heroes of what was and remains one of our favorite series met.

The entrance to the Toledo facility welcomes you with a friendly porch for hot days, and unlike the original version we see in the production, the door is located where the filming cameras would be: Right in front of the burgundy velvet couch where the group of Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe were gathered. They have lived in this space so much that the founders of the Spanish company Central Perks wanted this sofa to be the main protagonist of their bar, and they placed it directly in front of the door through which you enter. The distribution of the rest is very similar: brick walls, the bar on the left, the rest of the tables at the back, and wooden furniture that gathers in a space full of decorative elements (including the gold-framed mirror in the background, or the fringed lamps that illuminate it).

Although the most common thing is to see champions enjoying large and colorful cafĂ© cups, at Central Perks in Toledo we can choose from a wide range of drinks, but also dishes that you can taste to enjoy any of our days. friends. the purpose? which, on condition friends It won’t be as we once knew it, so at least, like the New Yorker, it will be your meeting point, whatever the time. So, you can start your day with one of their breakfasts, continue with coffee, tea and juice, stop for a beer before eating any of their bread, quiche or sandwiches, treat yourself to one of their delicious cakes, and finish the day with a drink.

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It was the idea to install this important space in Toledo Mammen and Julien, who, as fans of the series (and who isn’t), decided to create a replica to go in without having to cross a puddle. They thought about it… and achieved it in 2014, achieving a public reception that today makes it one of the stops at which any city resident makes in their lives. There is more than that, and it is also one of those on the agenda of tourists, who rest there and regain their strength after their intense days in what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in our native geography.