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This is the brazen profession of 'Vikings' star Catherine Winick, and she can do it whenever she wants |  TV |  entertainment

This is the brazen profession of ‘Vikings’ star Catherine Winick, and she can do it whenever she wants | TV | entertainment

Katherine Winnick She played The Shield for six seasons.Lagertha”, in the successful series” Vikings “, thanks to which, thanks to his courage and war tactics, he earned a good position on the battlefield.

At the end of the series, Catherine looks like an old woman due to the passing of years in Viking history, and although Winnick’s roots have nothing to do with any Nordic country, the makeup made her look that way.

How was Katherine Winnick’s life before fame?

Catherine was born on December 17, 1977 in Toronto, Canadabut is closely related to UkraineBecause it is the country to which his parents and siblings belong.

When he was only 7 years old, he began to study. martial artsWhere her parents helped her learn the mechanisms of defense against danger.

A few years later, when he was thirteen, he was already a black belt taekwondoas in discipline karate.

According to the review InfobaeThanks to this, he was able to show Her skills in the series and playing the heroine. In addition, for the same reason, his projects in the cinema are related to the genre of movement.

At the age of sixteen I opened my own taekwondo school. I started teaching martial arts in after school programs and over time more and more people asked me to teach them.

Katherine Winnick

Since she was young, Catherine has also been interested in existence an actressso she insisted on her parents to record it dramatic art.

They did, according to an interview with Rose and IvyEvery time her aunts went home, she would put together a story for them so that they would always applaud her at the end. “You definitely showed a creative side when I was a kid,” she concluded.

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The strange profession of the actress “Vikings”

As a result of all that was learned, Winnick wanted to take a course to become Personal guardIn fact, she has the license to do the job if she wants to.

Somehow, thanks to her childhood and adolescence involved in the world of communication disciplines, she was called from a young age to be part of various productions of Action moviesFirst of all, to train the actors.

The reason why the Vikings left Greenland in real life

Winnick taught them moves to attack and defend when they needed to. This was the case for a while until they suggested that she go to the other side of the cameras and be seen by everyone.

He first appeared in the movie “Biohazardous”, then in “Fortnight’s Notice” and “House”. For Catherine, the project she remembers most is Science Day by Sean Benjust like “Wu Assassins”, production Netflix Where he shows all his martial arts skills. (And)

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