February 23, 2024

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This is the date when it will become a reality

This is the date when it will become a reality

Residents of the areas near the La Magdalena Health Centre, which has been closed since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, are very happy See how work has been resumed at the place, near the road leading to the cemetery where it will be locatedas was confirmed in statements to the newspaper EL ESPAÑOL, affiliated with the Ministry of Health of Castile and Leon.

Junta de Castilla y León was awarded a prize 4,094,879.57 euros The works that will help complete this important health center after those three years of complete paralysis, since with the beginning of the Corona virus health crisis, in March 2020, the initial construction company abandoned the project.

Some of the works, which can be seen in the poster at the venue, attended by EL ESPAÑOL from Castilla y León, were given to Obras y Servicios Gómez Crespo SL. The intervention completion period will be 12 months, starting September 1This is according to the decision published on the state contracting portal.

Four different companies participated in awarding the works contract. Three of them were accepted and Gomez Crespo was chosen.which, as the Board of Directors reported, was the most favorable offer of all.

Posters at La Magdalena Health Centre

On August 11 we began our reconsideration report. We adapt the plot, study what has already been done, and so on. The idea is that the health center will be built in August 2024,” the regional delegate of the Castilla and León Council in Valladolid, Raquel Alonso, confirmed to this newspaper.

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Therefore, the expected preparation and start of operation of the health center can be postponed for another month, provided that the construction company does not abandon the project, as happened with the previous project.

We are also carrying out contracting for equipment and furniture to accelerate work and the ability to provide service from the end of 2024.“There are 8,757 registered health cards and residents of Valladolid that will be served by this new health center,” adds Raquel Alonso.

Features of the new health center

A new health center will have a new general practitioner consultation. Two nursing departments will also be created, one from pediatric nursing and one from midwifery, which did not exist until now. Thus, the consultations will move from the current 13 to 19.

Furthermore, as reported by the Junta of Castilla y León, the Analytical Extraction Area and the Administrative Support Area will retain the same area. The center will have a counter. Also with an archive with medical records and a reception area. In addition to three administrative offices.

Speaking of the waiting area and treatment room, they will remain within the primary care consultation space. Two new rooms for technical procedures will also be created.

The new rehabilitation unit will have a physiotherapy room and also consultation for health professionals, which was not available until now. The stores go from three to nine. In addition, workers’ changing rooms and toilets will increase from two to four.

There will also be a living room for professionals and five bathrooms for users, instead of the current two.

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