December 6, 2023

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Shakira Recalls Her Most Complicated Year Personally: “People leave your life…” – Offstage

Shakira Recalls Her Most Complicated Year Personally: “People leave your life…” – Offstage

Shakira He’s having a good time. One that brings together everything he has planted with his music in recent months. This belies the complexity of 2023 on a personal level, which many will remember as the year he taught a dance and music lesson at… MTV Video Music Awards with a fast-paced 10-minute “show.”. The same song that we never get tired of seeing again and again due to the number of wonderful songs that it saves and that we leave you again under these lines.

Taking advantage of the fact that this weekend he traveled to his native Barranquilla to open a school with the help of his friends. Barefoot Foundation In this context, he made a simple assessment of everything that happened to him this year on a personal level. Because the music that helped him put himself back on the industry map is nothing more than a refuge. This barrier served as a balm during a year of extraordinary toughness for her, but along the way she realized certain strengths that she had not relied on.

“People leave your life, but you open new spaces for them, and perhaps new energies. Sometimes, what should stay stays, and from there you add more.”, is the first of his reflections on “a very difficult year personally,” in which he comes to the greatest conclusion that life is “constant addition and subtraction.” Among the things that helped him benefit from them and obtain positive points from them all: “I feel inspired, I feel motivated, I feel strong. I always thought I was more fragile than I see today. Today I look different and that new image, that new self-image gives me a lot of energy.”.

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Lower your arms? In any way. Above all, he must move forward for the sake of his “children,” stressing that he has done so “Many reasons to fight”. Even “much more than before.” Some of the words that we are happy to read and that we hope will be translated into new music that are far from hatred and focus on all those benefits that your daily life offers you, and that come from different places.

A project that touches your heart

As we said, these statements came within the framework of launching this founding project. The same thing he also talked about what they just opened. “I would like to thank the donors and partners of this project who made this possible; Fundación la Caixa’, Fundación Barcelona Futbol Club, LCI Education, Barranquilla Mayor’s Office and, above all, the teachers who will guide our students to the noblest and most important path of education so that together we can Building a better present and a bright future that our Colombian children deserveThese were Shakira’s excited words at the handover ceremony for the new Nuevo Bosque-Pies Descalzos educational foundation.