May 18, 2024

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This is the interior of El Conte’s spectacular home in New Zealand

This is the interior of El Conte’s spectacular home in New Zealand

For quite some time now, El-Conte has been taking his music to different parts of the world. For example, in recent days, he traveled to New Zealand to perform two shows: on April 22 at the Auckland Stadium and on the 23rd at the Tauranga Canteen.

During the first days of his stay in the Pacific island, L-Kent He stayed in an amazing property with great views. How could it be, he published the details of the place on his social networks.

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As can be seen in the video shared by the singer on his social networks, the property is located on the beach. In addition to a large garden with the best views of the island, it has a very spacious and bright living-dining room.

In the living room of the house where he was staying L-Kent There are two three-section chairs, a wooden coffee table and a light blue hand-painted painting.

The dining room of the property has been created A marble bar and a white table With matching chairs. In one corner of the room there is a hand-painted painting and a vase of dried flowers.

El-Conte visited the beauty salon and showed off the final result of the facial treatment. (Photo: Instagram / lgante_keloke).

Both spaces, the living room and the dining room, are very bright due to the large windows.

L-Gent was condemned for usurping land

Before going to New Zealand, L-Kent He was involved in a new scandal. In fact, his neighbors in Carlos Keene condemned him for usurping.

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“It took several attempts to get it notarized, and someone came and gave all the documents overnight saying no neighbors. That’s why they say El-Kent is a saddle”, they mentioned a few days ago in A la tarde.

Also, “a relative of El-Conte opened a brewery in Carlos Keene and found that the land was in an uncertain legal situation, so they decided to take it.”