July 1, 2022

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This is the property that Bruce Willis sold to face aphasia: He raised $65 million among his luxury properties |  people |  entertainment

This is the property that Bruce Willis sold to face aphasia: He raised $65 million among his luxury properties | people | entertainment

famous actor HollywoodAnd the Bruce Willis A few days ago, he announced his permanent retirement from acting, after being diagnosed with aphasia, a neurological disease that affects his ability to understand language.

His relatives were responsible for spreading the news to the world, including the ex-wife of the actor and actress, Demi Moorewho in his official account for Instagram They said they’re going through Hard time as a familybut they are working to deal with it.

However, a source close to the actress revealed, according to American media six pages, that the actor was already preparing to face the consequences of the disease, as he had been selling some of his possessions for a long time. The anonymous source said:

Knowing how he sold most of his possessions in recent years, it is clear that he has been preparing to downsize and simplify his life for several years.

According to the same informant, the actor and his family have so far collected $65 million after selling several of their properties, although the true unknown amount is unknown. Bruce Willis Required to deal with aphasia.

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Real estate and property sold to Bruce Willis

According to the review United States HeraldThe actor has a great artistic heritage of more than 100 films he has been in over four decades, and his fortune is currently estimated at more than $250 million.

Thanks to this figure, he was able to buy several real estate, which he had to get rid of as a result of the treatment of his illness.

He knew he was able to sell some and that would be the most important thing. The first of them was sold in 2018 for $18 millionthe apartment was in Manhattan It overlooks Central Park with a height of 45 meters.

Later, but in the same year, he sold the house he was in IdahoNear Sun Valley, a ski resort he loved Bruce so much that he moved with his ex-wife Demi Moore to get away from Hollywood.

In addition to these two homes, in 2019, the actor sold one Vacation property owned in the Turks and Caicos Islandsfor about 27 million Dollars approx.

In this way, Bruce Willis eliminates many of his assets, because he wants to be safe in his own home. CaliforniaClose to his family. (And the)

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