June 21, 2024

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This is what you pay Apple

This is what you pay Apple

he trial Google To the possibility Monopoly in United State He left great verses. Even today. At Monday’s hearing, an employee of the tech giant mistakenly explained that the company pays Manzana Up to 36% of Enter What you get from Advertising Via browser Safari.

The author of this revelation is Kevin Murphy, a professor at the University of Chicago and a leading economist in economics the alphabet, the parent company of Google. The company’s lead defense attorney, John Schmidtlin, was reportedly “visibly upset when Murphy said that number.”Bloomberg‘.

This is the first time that the exact amount of that payment has been announced, which remains to this day Trusted. In a document submitted to court to WashingtonGoogle claimed that revealing confidential information from its deal with Apple would “unreasonably undermine Google’s competitive position relative to both its competitors and other counterparties.”

Profitable relationship

In 2002, Google and Apple entered into an agreement so that it became popular Search Engine It is installed by default on all devices of the Cupertino-based multinational technology company. It was not revealed that Google was paying about $18 billion annually until 2021 to make its search engine the default in the United States. iPhonetablets IPAD And laptops Macamong other things.

The Justice Department says this lucrative settlement proves that Google is strengthening its dominance of online search and the search advertising market through illegal methods. So the $1 billion payment to Apple will allow it to be present in the world Mobile phone Most commonly used in the United States, but it can also be interpreted as a form of Control the market And expelled the efficiency.

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It’s also an open secret that Apple has been like this for many years Develop your search engine So that you do not depend on your partner. However, this does not necessarily mean the end of your agreement. In the early days of the trial, Apple’s head of services, Eddy Cue, testified that there were “no viable alternatives” to Google.