May 17, 2022

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This little squirrel's voice ended up making its way to the movie Dune

This little squirrel’s voice ended up making its way to the movie Dune

Cameraman Danny Connor He couldn’t imagine how far his work would go. It all goes back to the time when, last summer, I discovered four orphaned squirrel babies after being hit by their mother’s car. He decided to take care of them and portray them as models for his works. In June, he posted a video on Twitter, in which one of these little squirrels can be heard making noises while eating. It was amazing that even a sound designer and editor Mark Mangini from the movie DuneHe was interested in it…to the point of taking his work for inclusion in the film Denis Villeneuve.

This little squirrel’s voice has ended up Dune

It is true that the planet Arrakis is very far from being like the planet Earth, and therefore it contains organisms that are completely different from those we see in our world. One of the species that inhabits this desert place is the gerbil. The producers had the ultimate form of the creature, but they lost something fundamental: its voice. Mangini, winner of an Academy Award for his work Mad Max: Fury RoadHe was testing the sounds of different rodents… but none of them convinced him.

Until I found a little squirrel, Danny Connor. The video was posted by the photographer Got 15 million views in one dayThis caught the attention of editor Joe Walker and Mangini. He didn’t hesitate to call Connor to say he wanted to buy his voice, even though he couldn’t tell him which movie he wanted to use it for. However, he asked Connor to check his IMDB site to clear doubts. The project was nothing but a new adaptation of Dune.

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Arrakis gerbil looks like a little squirrel in our world

“When we heard those voices, we knew it It was something we hadn’t heard before“Mangini explains.” It’s real at first. It’s an organic sound, not something made of a compound. It also has an integer size and a certain expression that we could not find in any of the rodent recordings we consulted.”

DuneWith Timothe Chalamet and Zendaya leading the cast along with other big names, it managed to attract the box office by earning Over $100 million at the global box office and achieve 40 million in the United States for the first time. From Warner they gave the green light for the second part, which Arrive in October 2023 Only in theaters “It is not negotiable”Director says.

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