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This overlooked and underrated Disney gem is 21 years old and you should see it

This overlooked and underrated Disney gem is 21 years old and you should see it

This film was criticized too harshly to be considered a solvent, original and entertaining product.

This is the movie that marked the childhood of many.

Disney is a movie release machine. Every year some special tape is released, and it’s usually this An incredible event. Go to the cinema to watch it. In mid-2002, at a time when traditional animated cinema was in the doldrums 3D animated cinema is starting to gain a followingDisney threw its weight behind it and released a movie Combine both methods. To me, it’s one of the best films released by Disney at the time. Although unfortunately he didn’t get the press he deserved and ended up being ostracized. After 21 years, it’s time to bring it back with a totally worthwhile recommendation.

An exciting old adventure film

Jim Hawkins is A young man who has had a few problems with the law. Since his father’s disappearance he has dreamed of becoming a… Spaceship captainBut the truth is that he has simply settled into being a law-defying serial killer who annoys his mother. A woman runs an inn As the only business that supports her and her son.

Everything will change when one day the pirate crashes into his house. And give him the treasure map. There you will start a chase in which you have to reach the treasure planet before your enemies. Although you will find unexpected allies along the way.

We’re talking about Treasure planet, the movie that definitely made a generation fall in love with it when we were kids. No wonder since then It was also a technical revolution. Although one of the harshest criticisms to which he was subjected was precisely that he abandoned Traditional animationwhich Disney later praised.

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In summary, the strengths of the film are as follows:

  • Its soundtrack, in both Spanish and English, is particularly beautiful.
  • It’s one of the most original films Disney has ever created, with a truly rich world.
  • The retro-futuristic setting, the incredibly advanced aliens, and the conflict between the new and the old make you forget that this is actually an adaptation.
  • Overall, it was worth much more than that, the story is very good and the hero stays away from the clichés prevalent in Disney up to that point.
  • It is one of the first Disney films to combine 3D animation with classic animation.
  • It’s actually an adaptation of the book. Treasure Island By Robert Louis Stevenson.

At the time, the film was well received Lots of criticism from critics It wasn’t a huge success in cinemas either, where it grossed close to $100 million according to the film Box office mojo. Although it may seem like a more than enough number, the truth is In the United States it did not have much of a following With only 30 million raised. So it was the case in the rest of the world that he was able to recover a significant portion of the initial investment.

To watch it is very simple, all you have to do is subscribe to the Disney+ catalog and enjoy one of the best Disney films, although it has not been appreciated much since its release.

Watch on Disney+

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