June 16, 2024

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This patented Mazda logo introduces the return of the rotary engine with an electric switch - News - Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

This patented Mazda logo introduces the return of the rotary engine with an electric switch – News – Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Mazda It stars in a series of tantalizing headlines, all fabricated based on rumors swirling about patents that the Japanese company has registered in its home country, Japan. Most noticeable is the logo that It hypothetically presents the role of a rotary motor with a related type of electrification.

If the last we heard from Mazda was that it might try to revive these types of engines with hydrogen as an alternative to gasoline, the slogan leaked by the company does not stop fueling these rumors. One thing seems clear. If the river is making noise, it is because the water is running. Having obtained the authorship of the three patented logos, toThe procedure does not indicate otherwise that the company has developed a new technology that it intends to bring into production At some point in the not too distant future, because otherwise, patenting the logo would be meaningless.

The patented Mazda logo is clearly the outline of a rotary motor (or Wankel, to be specific) with an “e” etched in the middle indicating that electricity is destined to have a presence in this whole case.

Based on the latter, Mazda is likely to develop a familyIA of the electrified motors, since beside the photo topping this article, I also registered three different names; e-SKYACTIV R-Energy, e-SKYACTIV R-HEV, and e-SKYACTIV R-EV.

Mazda MX-30 electric.

With the letter “R” in all denominations And taking into account the image that leads these lines, our own guess is that with it the company will make it clear that we are facing a car that will have a rotary engine (in English, Vertigo).

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As for the rest of the nomenclature, if Mazda continues the current trend of the rest of the manufacturers in terms of naming technologies, perhaps as e-SKYACTIV R-HEV Mazda hints at its future hybrid cars, while with R-EV refers to a series of battery-powered electric vehicles.

The doubt that remains to be cleared is that the doctrine R Energy leaves behind. By separating, considering that the other two Mazda names combine electric cars on one side and hybrid on the other, this could be the trade moniker responsible for identifying their models that are powered by hydrogen.

Although logo registration indicates the intent to produce or sell a technology or physical product to the public, it must be remembered again that at present it is merely a registration with the Japanese Patent Office, and that all of the above Reflections implied by these patents. Mazda may have surprised everyone with an unexpected technology or we are, simply put, facing a new way of identifying hybrids and light hybrids, but the logo and names seem quite conclusive on their own.