December 3, 2021

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Thousands protest in New Zealand against compulsory vaccination |  World |  DW

Thousands protest in New Zealand against compulsory vaccination | World | DW

This Tuesday (11/09/2021) thousands of people gathered around the New Zealand Parliament in Wellington to protest against the strict restrictions imposed on the Ocean country during the compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 and epidemics.

In the midst of an important police presence, protesters carried banners with messages such as “Freedom” (freedom), “No more control” (no more control) or “My body, my will” (my body, my decision). As they showed pictures from the local media.

The rally, which was held peacefully under the flags of former US President Donald Trump, was attended by a large number of motorcyclists, who leveled harsh criticism against Prime Minister Jacinta Arden.

The president, who has chosen to impose strict restrictions such as closing borders or selective imprisonment to eliminate the corona virus from the onset of the epidemic, announced last month that vaccination would be mandatory for workers and teachers in contact with clients. And health workers.

Auckland reopens

Artern, who was initially highly praised for managing the epidemic, said he would not abandon his zero infection policy until 90 percent of the population is vaccinated.

“What we saw today does not represent the opinion of the majority of New Zealanders. So, in fact, my message will be for them. It will be to thank them. Thank you for being vaccinated and doing everything you need to do. Take care of each other, others,” the Prime Minister said in response to the protests.

In New Zealand, one of the countries most effectively fighting the new corona virus, there have been only about 7,650 infections and 32 deaths since the outbreak.

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According to the latest statistics, about 80 percent of the population has already received the full course of the Govt-19 vaccine.

The government on Tuesday announced the start of the reopening of Auckland, the country’s most populous city, although the city, which has been hit hardest by the Delta variation, will remain in prison until the 29th, when prisons are expected to be completely removed.

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