May 20, 2024

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Three main trends in the field of human resources::

Three main trends in the field of human resources::

At a time when the business landscape is characterized by disruptive forces that require immediate responses and innovative strategies, companies are asking whether they are truly prepared for the future of work. Along these lines, it must be kept in mind that according to the latest study by the Global Workforce Institute, 60% of workers worldwide fear that their skills will become obsolete within the next three to five years, which is not the case. Just a wake-up call, but a clear indication of how urgent and needing the Spanish business scene is to constantly readapt.

Therefore, given the growing concern about the skills gap and the prevailing need to adapt in the current business environment, experts from multinational technology companies, Stratesishas identified the trends that are expected to be key in the HR space throughout 2024. It should be noted that the goal of these trends is not only to redefine HR processes, but also to transform the employee experience, preparing organizations for the future that is already here.

1. The impact of generative artificial intelligence on people management: Generative AI is transforming people management through improvements in employee experience personalization and data-driven decision making. Although there were skepticism at first, studies such as those conducted by Harvard Business Review have given value to the impact of generative AI on recruitment and selection processes, becoming more efficient and personalized. However, his potential in coaching and talent discovery has yet to be discovered. In short, this technology improves the fulfillment of individual needs in a world that values ​​personalization.

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2. Advanced analytics and big data They are shifting HR management toward a more strategic, data-driven approach. Availability of these technologies ideas Valuable assets that improve talent attraction, retention and development. A study in the Journal of Applied Psychology highlights how the strategic use of big data in HR leads to more informed decision-making that aligns with organizational goals. Many companies have taken advantage of this trend, implementing advanced analytical solutions to anticipate hiring needs, understand employee turnover, and customize career development plans.

3. Unifying HR services into unified platforms It seeks to create integrated work systems, where technology improves the employee experience and enhances independence and personalization. These platforms replace traditional systems and focus on user experience. It is intuitive and accessible, allowing employees to manage their careers, access training and receive real-time feedback. Applying these technologies not only improves HR processes but also increases employee satisfaction and commitment, which is key to attracting and retaining talent in a competitive job market.

Preparing for the future of work is not just about adopting new technologies, but about understanding how to integrate them in ways that enrich and empower both organizations and their employees.“, he explains Eduardo Coero, Partner in the People Competence Center at Stratesys. “At Stratesys, we work to be at the forefront, developing platforms that not only streamline and automate processes, but also foster a more collaborative and empowering work environment.