July 2, 2022

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Christian Nodal

Throw ice at Christian Nodal during a concert in Bolivia (booing and late arrival)

As part of your tour Outlaw, Christian Nodal appeared on Friday 17 June in the eastern city of Santa Cruz and on Saturday 18 June in the center of Cochabamba on his first visit to Bolivia.

The Mexican singer continues to capture the attention of fans after his break from the media with Belinda, and in Bolivia his fans have been following his every move.

While everything seemed to be going in order, Displays Friday the 17th had its complications.

According to the data circulated in local media, along with videos that went viral on social networks, a translator goodbye love s bottle after bottle Outraged by the reaction of a group of attendees at the Real Santa Cruz stadium in Bolivia.

According to the evidence, the Mexican singer was not having a good time with some fans because they booed him and threw ice at him for coming out late to sing.

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Aqedal witnessed moments of tension because on that day he faced some problems with the organizers and many of the attendees.

The Mexican singer showed his annoyance, was active with people who threw ice at him and demanded that he be expelled from the building.

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“Take them to the chin **** and Pay them for their ticket, Nodal told the organizers that they don’t throw ice at me because I respect them and they don’t respect me… Please respect me.


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The Mexican singer was also satisfied with the people who supported and understood him. However, this was not the only bitter drink that the Mexican artist tested. On Sunday the 19th, a concert was scheduled to take place at the Rafael Mendoza Stadium in La Paz, but hours before the scheduled date, JJ Music published a statement and indicated that Performance canceled due to “breach of contract”.

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