June 28, 2022

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Arranca conformación de Brigadas Comunitarias-Militares para educación y salud

Starting the formation of military community battalions for education and health

President Nicolás Maduro Moros announced that from Saturday 25 June the military community battalions, which will form the working groups to repair and make education and health centers available, under the 1×10 system schedule of The Good Government, will begin to organize on the following weekends.

“Attention, governments and mayors, political power, we will unite political power, popular power and the army in a single effort for education and health,” outlined the Head of State, from a meeting of the Sectoral Council of Vice Presidents at the headquarters of the Caracas Mayor’s Office, where he assessed the first 30 A day of launching 1 x 10 of Good Government.

“We are in the process of forming the community-military battalions for health and education,” Bricomy said, confirming the dates of its formation and the start of work in it.

He also indicated that the formation of community battalions – the army for education and health, will be to repair the infrastructure, reactivate and equip all outpatient clinics and health centers that face any problem, as well as educational centers. Schools, high schools and schools in the country.

In particular, the first education and health centers to be regulated are those reported by VenApp, Line 58 and the Patria platform, through a 1×10 system of good government.

With regard to education, brigades will be formed on Saturday, June 25, as all schools, secondary and secondary schools will open for the first organizational stage.

“The community councils, Venezuela’s Somos movement, the Bolivarian family movement, student organizations, the entire military force of the country should be like carnations,” the president explained.

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Pay attention, they will meet and organize, inspect schools, secondary schools, coordinated by the presidential headquarters, the ministers. And by Saturday, July 2, we should already be in a position to begin the deep and structural reforms and beautification of all schools, secondary schools and simoncitos schools.”

“Community and military education battalions are the solution,” he said, referring to educational centers.

He also announced that the health brigades will be activated in their first organizational phase on Saturday, July 9, and by Saturday, July 16, repair and adaptation tasks will begin.

“Attention, educational communities, we fall upon you to restore all outpatient clinics. Watch out, Saturday July 9th, 10 am, we all meet at all outpatient clinics and health centers.”

“This is about a revolution within the revolution, with 1 x 10 of good government, causing changes in people’s living lives,” said the national president.

He explained that it is necessary to insulate the ceilings with water, specific work, cleaning, painting and even rebuilding, as well as providing equipment, tools, medical and nursing staff.

He added, “Then announced on July 16, that we would aggressively begin the repair and commissioning of the entire Barrio Adentro 1 and 2, mobile, SRI, CDI, CAT system.”

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