November 30, 2023

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Tips to save money on fuel, according to a New Zealand expert

Tips to save money on fuel, according to a New Zealand expert

The AA’s senior policy adviser Terry Collins says New Zealand drivers can save a significant amount of money on fuel by paying more attention to their fuel costs. Collins, who treats the search for cheap fuel as a personal sport, shares his tips for cutting fuel bills.

One of their recommendations is to stay aware of current discounts and promotions. Collins recommends signing up for fuel companies’ apps and mailing lists to receive notifications about special offers. For example, BP often offers discounted fuel on Wednesdays, while Gull sends regular notices of price cuts. Also, Z always has various promotions going on.

Planning ahead is another key strategy for reducing fuel costs. Collins reveals he is currently paying 80 cents per liter less than everyone else because of his forward planning. With the fuel tax cut coming to an end, Collins pre-purchases 1,000 liters of fuel at the current price through Z’s Sharetank. This strategy allowed him and others to save significant amounts of money as gasoline prices continued to rise.

Collins advises motorists to compare prices for cheaper gasoline before filling up the tank. He recommends using the Gaspy app to compare prices and take advantage of the best deals. In many cases, special discounts offered by fuel companies can be saved and accumulated for even bigger savings in the future.

In addition to these tips, Collins stresses the importance of driving sensibly to save money on fuel. By avoiding hard acceleration, anticipating and unnecessary braking, and maintaining proper tire pressure, drivers can improve their fuel efficiency by 30% to 40%. These practices not only reduce fuel bills, but also contribute to safer driving and reduced wear and tear on the vehicle.

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In summary, focusing on discounts, planning ahead, comparing prices and adopting fuel-efficient driving habits can help New Zealand motorists save significant amounts of money on fuel.

– Terry Collins, Senior Policy Adviser, AA Motoring Association.